Leagues – Meet 2 – Engines are firing

Were back at it, the second league meets see’s some of the Bees firing on all cylinders and some navigating hairpins in the road, but alas we all made it to the destination that is St Georges Park.

The Worker Bees opened up this round against Wessex Wolves, who obviously came in hard hitting to which the Workers struggled to get a foothold in the match and eventually ended up losing 16-8.
The next match was against Thunderdodge which turned out to be a tale of two halves. Workers being 12-2 up at half time, found themselves coasting. Whether it be complacency that set in, they had to fight back and were awarded with a win of 15-11.
MVB for Workers for league meet 2 was Patrick Briars, for his ‘class act on and off court’.

The Queen Bees first match was against non other than their own club mates the honey Bees, a ‘der-bee’ if you will.  The Queens came out with a specific game plan which worked to their advantage, despite some great dings from Imy Young, the Queens took the match 22-2.
Up next was the newly promoted Bedford Rangers, who’ve been making quite an impact in the Super league. Once again, the Queen bees went in with a game plan and stuck to it. A hard fought first half saw the Queens retain a slight lead, managing to  lengthen their win by 15-7 .  Queens have won 4 out of 4 matches and hope to cement their name this season. The Queen Bees MVB was Vic, for being generally excellent all day.

The Soldier Bees first match was against Virtue Empire, the game was mixed and the first half the Soldiers play very well , slightly unlucky to go in at half time drawing 6-6. However Virtue changed tactics and manged to get the win 14-8.  A great game from the men but lots to take away.
The last game was against MK Cyclones which was tough however the Soldiers improved on their single/double ball game. They really came together in the second half and built a solid lead and ‘grinding it out perfectly’.  Soldiers had not one, not two but a triple joint MVB with Paul Brunger, Kevin and Dave Streather, which was a testament to how well everyone contributed through out the day.

As mentioned above it was a clash of Bees at this league meet, with the Honeys taking on the Queens. A lot of trash talk from a certain Honey bees player had set the scene. Once on court it was all down to business, the Honeys played well, using some great fakes and catches, despite loosing it was all hugs afterwards.
Not an easy week, the Honeys second match was against the angsty Bedford Eagles.  Not one to play games the Eagles made accurate hits on the Honeys, but not disheartened the Honeys did some great fast play, taking out a solid number of Eagles players. MVB for this league meet was Rose, who made some excellent catches on court in difficult games.

Lastly we have the Killer Bees. They faced their toughest opponents this season in the undefeated Meteors. After two close tournament matches this season, the men went in guns blazing and hopes high. The sets went back and forth, but Meteors edged away eventually winning 16-8. The second match of the day was against Bedford Rangers. Killers looked strong in the first half, but Bedfords catching was on point and brought the scoreline back close. A very intense last game of 2v2 led to an overall draw. Not the result then men hoped for but they’ll be back stronger for the next meet. MVP for Killers was Ross McGuigan with some excellent dodges and fast play.

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