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The Big Weekend: British Dodgeball’s 17/18 League Finale

The Big Finale has arrived – this weekend is British Dodgeball’s last league meet of the season!

The fixture for ‘League Meet 6’ (also known as ‘League Meet 3′, for Women’s League 1) which was postponed until tomorrow, 19 May 2018, due to the bad weather earlier this year, is set to be an exciting finale to a brilliant season.

British Dodgeball launched their first league season with every meet (in every league) at England football’s official training ground, St George’s Park. What a venue – and what a season!

Read on for a summary of our teams’ performances so far as well as their remaining fixtures, MVBs (Most Valuable Bees) from previous meets – who epitomise the Bees’ unofficial motto; “there’s no ‘i’ in team – but there are five in individual brilliance“.

Killer Bees – Men’s Super League

The Killer Bees’ season has included highs and lows, with incredible individual performances and injuries both affecting the team’s rankings. Currently ranked 7th in the table, the Killers aren’t likely to take any silverware home from this season’s league, but have a strong place in the Super League for next season.

Killer smiles all round!
Killer smiles all round!

MVBs: Bru Cousins, Colm Mallon, Elliot Barker, Rob Kearns,

Remaining Fixtures: London Storm & Leeds Owls

Queen Bees – Women’s Super League

The Queen Bees have held their own in their Super League Debut, facing up against many impressive teams. Their sheer determination, motivation and unquestionable encouragement of each other has led to some truly impressive performances. Currently ranked 6th, the Queens are sitting tight in middle of the table, ready to build on their performances next season.

The Queen-Team
The Queen-Team

MVBs: Cesca McCarthy, Helena Law, Sian Ellis, Lucy Collins, Imy Jean, Victoria Hind

Remaining Fixtures: Wessex Wolves & Lutterworth Meteors

Worker Bees – Men’s League 1 

The Workers have worked it this season, having narrowly avoided demotion last season. With dedicated workers’ coach Elliot Barker accompanying the lads to their morning meets, there have been many impressive performances from all players. Making the Bees and our #Beetalia family proud, the Workers have been grinding out wins with their #InspiredByPesto performances. The Workers look to be in a great position for next season with finish in the top half of the table, (currently ranked 5th) and, with two points between fifth place and second place, are still in with a shout for promotion to the Super League!

next season's team target: work the camera as well as the Court!
next season’s Workers team target: work the camera as much as the Court!

MVBs: Andy Lowther, Elliot Barker, Ben Watkin, Alex Huband

Remaining Fixtures: East Anglia Vikings 2; Nottingham Sheriffs 2

Honey Bees – Women’s League 1

The Honeys have had another strong year at league and are set to bring in a second set of silver medals, to add to last year’s silvers. The only team to defeat league champions Bedford Rangers, the Honeys are very proud to have secured promotion into the Super League for next season!

Why so serious?
Why so serious?

MVBs: Hannah Ward, Laura Gill, Cath Payne, Alex Charlton,

Remaining Fixtures: Derby Phantoms & Nottingham Sheriffs 2

The Aftermath…

A big shout out to the most important team of all Bees teams, #TeamCharkles, for organising what we will be a top notch social at Lola Lo to celebrate another great league of dodgeball. The Bees will be out in all their glory on Saturday night in Manchester for another night to remember. 4am reservation at Manchester’s finest McEatery, anyone?!

Finally, a big thank you to British Dodgeball for a great league season – here’s to going even bigger and better for 18/19!

Good luck to each of our league teams this weekend – to get live updates on their performance, keep up to date via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds! Interested in getting involved for next season? Find out more about our all-comers sessions and come and give it a go!