Dodgeball is a brilliant game that you can play just about anywhere! The guide below offers you a quick way to pick-up and play.

The court


court 5 ballA normal dodgeball court has attack lines in the middle and back lines/side lines you must stay inside of. The return line is used to throw from after run-offs. We play dodgeball with 5 cloth balls in the UK.

 The run-off

gif runoffA game of dodgeball starts with a run-off. Yell ‘Go!’ and race for the 2 balls to your left. Both teams race for the middle ball. If you win, you need to take the ball back behind the return line before throwing at somebody (because safety is important right?)

The game

This leads us to the main game. You are out if you…

  • Get hit by a ball before it bounces.

gif hit

  • Step outside the court markings or go into the other team’s area.

gif line fault

      • Get caught by an opponent.
      • Have a ball knocked out of your hands.

gif failed block

What’s the catch?

Catches are great. If you make a catch, you get the thrower out AND bring your longest-out player ‘back from the dead’ so they can rejoin the game! This can create some dramatic last-second plays so you definitely don’t want to get caught too often…

gif catch


Got balls?

If you are holding a ball, you can use it to block incoming attacks to keep yourself safe.  But be careful – if you block the ball onto yourself or a teammate before it touches the ground, then out you go!gif block

If your team has 3 or more balls, then you only have 5 seconds to organise your attack and throw your ball. If you take longer, you will be called out for time-wasting.



Deflections most definitely count! This means that if you get hit but your teammate catches the ball before if touches the floor, then you are out but your team mate has caught out their thrower so one of your players can rejoin the party.gif save

So there you have it, a quick guide to the rules of British Dodgeball! Full rules are available at the British Dodgeball resources section but if you want to give dodgeball a try, why not head down to one of our sessions?