Do Bees Hibernate? The Spring Update

It’s been a long, cold winter. There’s been snow, there’s been rain. It’s been bleak. BUT – there’s also been lots of dodgeball! And we are the Manchester Bees, not the Manchester Bears… despite some quiet months on the blogging front, the bees have been as active as ever – there’s been no hibernation going on here!

This week’s blog is a summary of the biggest Bees news from 2018 so far. So get comfy, because (contrary to the winter weather) there’s never a dull moment at Manchester Bees!

Farewell to E&E, Hello to #TeamCharkles!

Flan appreciates her new-found freedom after years of service in the name of all things Bees Social Secretary
Flan appreciates her new-found freedom after years of service in the name of all things Bees Social

With Bees Legend Emily ‘Flan’ Flanagan stepping down as social secretary and after a tough application and interview process, Cesca McCarthy was appointed as Social Secretary to compliment (i.e. provide damage limitation for) Elliot Barker’s social schemes. The  dynamic duo, now known as #Charkles, are settling in great and if March’s fantastic Scavenger Hunt is anything to go by,  this year’s socials calendar are looking as good as ever for the Bees!

Manchester Community Cup

On 25 March, the Bees’ hosted the Easter Community Cup. With a number of local teams including youth and teen teams participating, a fantastic raffle and DJ Barkles blasting the tunes, the day was a huge success and lots of fun was had by all.

another great community event hosted by the Bees!
another great community event hosted by the Bees!

Manchester Bees are very proud to be part of the North West’s blossoming dodgeball community and always happy to offer guidance and advice to developing clubs, as well as lots of hosting lots of joint events and socials! If you have any questions or would like any advice for your club, check out our club resources or feel free to get in touch with the club!

The Big League Lock-In!

The Killer Bees, Queen Bees, Worker Bees and Honey Bees have continued their hard work in their British Dodgeball Leagues over at England FC’s official training ground, St George’s Park.

wise words on the wall over at British Dodgeball's league venue, St George's Park
the writing’s on the wall over at British Dodgeball’s league venue, St George’s Park

With teams now locked in and the final league meets taking place this month, it’s looking like the Bees will have had another good season all round!

Farewell to the one and only Jonny “JD” Daggett (for now!)

Mr Jonny Daggett, treasured treasurer of the Bees, stepped down in April after 4 years’ very hard and very wonderful work for the club. Jonny’s hard work and management of the club’s finances has placed, and kept, the Bees in very good stead (and stopped Aden from many an unwise purchase…) The Bees are under no illusion that JD has played a critical role in the club’s succcess over recent years – so thanks JD, we wouldn’t be here without you!

JD getting literally as far away as possible from the Bees' cash box... #ThanksJD
JD getting literally as far away as possible from the Bees’ cash box… #ThanksJD

“But”, I hear you cry, “how could you possibly even begin to replace Jonny Daggett?” Alas, fear not. For, recognising that no other could fill JD’s boots, the Bees found not one but three able-minded members who, between them, can (probably) manage the task (almost) as flawlessly as JD did.

So, without any further ado, welcome to the financial fold, Andy Lowther, Liam McMahon & Zac Baker!

Honourable mentions…

There have been too many goings on since the new year to mention everything, so some extra special honourable mentions go to:

  • Helena Law, Suzanne Vickers & Sian Ellis for being selected as three of British Dodgeball’s Inspirational Women in Dodgeball
  • The unknown hero who handed Killer Bee & Coach Bru’s keys in at Sainsbury’s Fallowfield after he left his keys in his car door before heading off to league… oops! Thank you, unknown hero!
  • The Queen and Honey Bees for their wonderful 1-2 finish at April’s Manchester Tournament
  • The Killer Bees for winning March’s Nottingham Open with another great performance
  • Zoe Rees and sister Seren for some incredible baking skills which kept the Bees going at the last league meet
  • Zac Baker for refusing to let the mug market defeat him (it’s still a sham though!)
  • David Streather, for drunk-purchasing a green screen (lol) and putting it to such good use!

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