The A to Z of Being a Bee – Part IV

At the start of the year, we started our A-Z of Being a Bee. Missed some? Recap on Part I A-F, Part II G-M and Part III N-S before continuing to Part IV below…

We’re nearing that tricky bit at the end of the alphabet but we’ve made it through. Have a read below and let us know how you think we’ve managed!

T – Team.

There’s no ‘i’ in team. At the Manchester Bees, there are, however, many bees in many teams. With three men’s teams and two women’s teams, as well as many more non-league members who enjoy coming along to training, socials and even the Open Tournaments.

a Killer Bees team photo after being promoted to the DPL in 2016
The Killer Bees swarm for a team photo after winning National League 1 in 2016

 U – Unaaaay.

Bear with me here. Manchester Bees Dodgeball was formed by a group of Manchester ‘Unaaaay’ Graduates, some/most/all of whom are still particularly fond of reliving their ‘unaaaay’ days.

V – VIP.

VIP is a variation of dodgeball played at training sessions where one player is appointed a VIP and their team mates are tasked to protect them at all costs. Save the VIP? Hero. Make that hit on your opponent’s VIP? Legend. It’s high-octane stuff.

W – Worker Bees.

The men’s second team, the Worker Bees are currently preparing for another season in National League 1.

X – XProII.

@manchesterbeesdodgeball - you know what to do...
@manchesterbeesdodgeball on insta and twitter – you know what to do…

Dodgeball isn’t a poser’s sport. In dodgeball, you get involved. That doesn’t, for a second, mean you don’t get some top notch instagram worthy shots from game day. Or from training. Or from socials. It’s basically an instagrammer’s dream.

Y – Yellow.

And Black. Or, Black and Yellow – we aren’t entirely sure. What we do know, is that our kit stands out. If we swarm nearby, there’s no way you’ll miss us.

Z – Zzzzz.

The sound of buzzing of a friendly, supportive hive swarming in support of their hive-mates on game day. Or, the sound of tired and sleepy, post tournament / training / social Bees… Whichever.


We made it to the end! What do you think? If you think you can alphabetise the Bees any better, share your suggestions in the comments!

If you enjoyed our A – Z of Becoming a Bee, why not give it a go?  Click here to find out more about our next training session. We hope to see you there!

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