The A to Z of Being a Bee – Part III

Way back in February,  we decided it was the perfect time to start our A to Z of Being a Bee. Have you missed out or just want to recap? Check out Part I for A-F and Part II for G-M.

Without further ado, I introduce Part III: N-S below. Let us know your thoughts!

N – NewBees.

We’ve all been a NewBee, with our first day nerves the first time we walk into the hive… Don’t worry. Those first day nerves don’t last long and NewBees even get extra lives in games during training!

O – Open Tournaments.

Open Tournaments are non-league and are run throughout the year by the UKDBA, with some currently run under three ball rules and some under five ball rules. Any team can enter Opens, meaning they are a great opportunity to mix up the teams and build experience, skills and technique through some more competitive games.

P – Puns.

Bees love puns (or at least, this bee does). Whilst some clubs have snazzy names, none quite match up to the brilliance of a bee-utifully timed, bee-spoke, bee-based pun. Whilst some can be truly bee-stly, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as thinking of a new, previously-unheard-of bee pun. Think of it as a challenge…

Q – Queens.

The Ladies’ first team, the Queen Bees are the most experienced, talented Lady Bees in the hive, who train closely with the Honey Bees to share experience, techniques and advice on how to improve.

R – Roadtrips.

Whether it’s to tournaments you’ll compete in, tournaments you’ll watch or day trips to the beach, the mountains or anywhere else, road trips are a big part of the Bees lifestyle. Driving playlist at the ready… (and best bee prepared for the #carselfie too!)

A classic #carselfie from the Queen Bees to show you how it's done...
A classic #carselfie from the Queen Bees to show you how it’s done…

S – Soldier Bees.

The latest addition to the mens’ team line up, the Soldier Bees are the newly founded Third Team, currently preparing to competing in tournaments for the first time.

Ready for Part IV of our A-Z of becoming a Bee? Wondering how we’re going to find dodgeball-related words for T-Z?  So are we… Come back soon to find out if how we manage it! 

Seen enough already? Find out more about our next training session. We hope to see you there!

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