The A to Z of Being a Bee – Part II

At the start of the month,  we decided it was the perfect time to start our A to Z of Being a Bee (missed it? You can find Part I here).

Check out Part II: G-M below and let us know what you think!

G – Glitter.

Glitter and Ribbons are a bit of a tradition for Queens and Honeys – and some of the Killers, Workers and Soldiers too (whether voluntarily or not). The spirit of glitter is all part of the fun of game day and often, other teams can’t resist getting involved!

Glitter Bees Kelly Edmunds, Alex Charlton and Cat Bawtree all glittered up on game day
Glitter Bees Kelly Edmunds, Alex Charlton and Cat Bawtree all glittered ready for game day

H – Honey Bees.

The Honey Bees are the women’s second team and were founded this season, after plenty more lady bees joined the hive. A team focussing on development of skills and technique whilst building players’ experience, all with the support of the Queen Bees and coaches.

I – International Bees.

The International Bee Network is well established and spans continents. International tournaments and overseas tours offer the perfect opportunity have a much enjoyed bee-union!

J – Jump.

Not for my love, but for the love of dodge! Jumping is a great way of dodging, so get ready to show off your dodgiest, most gravity defying leaps and bounds!

Tom Shelbrooke shows us how it's done
Tom Shelbrooke shows us how it’s done!

K – Killer Bees.

The men’s first team, the Killer Bees debut in the DPL (Dodgeball Premier League) this season having been promoted after triumphing in National League 1 last season.

L – Lads & Ladies.

Manchester Bees are made up of both men & women. Although we have separate men’s and women’s teams most of the time, we occasionally play with each other in mixed tournaments, and often compete against each other at training sessions and socials; there’s a great mix of lads and ladies buzzing about!

M – MVB.

At each tournament, each team chooses their MVB by majority vote. An honour not bee-stowed on every player, when your team mates have chosen you, there’s no feeling quite like knowing… you da real MVB.


Come back soon for Part III of the A to Z of becoming a Bee. Heard enough already?  Click here to find out more about our next training session. We hope to see you there!

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