The A to Z of Being a Bee – Part I

It’s February, we’ve survived the January blues, 2017 is well under way and we’re all set for this year’s league to get started. So, what could be a better way to continue what’s shaping up to be another bee-rilliant year, than with the A to Z of being a Bee?

Check out Part I: A-F below and let us know what you think!

A – Ability, Attitude, Attendance.

Okay, we know we’ve started with three A’s – but these are THE three A’s. The coaches select teams based on these three A’s. Best keep working on your A’s if you want to Bee the best!

B – Balls. (and Bees. But that was too obvious.)

There are so many balls in dodgeball. European rules currently have three dodgeballs per game – this is what we play in league. The newer, World Cup rules involve five dodgeballs – these are currently played at some Open Tournaments.

C – Catches.

Catches win matches! With every catch, the thrower is out and one of your players can return to play. Double the power of a good hit – but fumble the catch and you could fumble the match!

Killer Bee Karl sets up for a great jumping catch!
Killer Bee Carl sets up for a great jumping catch

D – Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive & Dodge.

We couldn’t get through our Bees’ A to Z without quoting the film (and we promise, no wrenches get thrown at the hive, so that won’t be our ‘W’…) If you can’t make a catch, don’t take a hit! Best get dodgin’, dippin’, duckin’, divin’ and dodgin’ your way through training, ready for your next game!

E – Easter Cup.

The Hot Cross Bunnies resting between matches
The Hot Cross Bunnies take a well earned break during the 2016 Easter Cup!

Any excuse for fancy dress, the Easter Cup allows the Bees to relax, don their best fancy dress costumes, introduce their punniest team names and have some fun in an evening tournament at training, and all in aid of a good cause!

F – Fun.

Fun is a big part of the Manchester Bees’. Whilst ‘fitness’ was the next best ‘F’ choice here, the coaching team ensures that training focuses on new, fun ways to exercise, develop skills and dodgeball technique, all whilst having fun – and that’s without even mentioning the brilliant, regular socials. So yes, you can improve your fitness with the Bees – but not without lots of fun!


Come back soon for Part II of the A to Z of becoming a Bee. Heard enough already?  Find out more about our next training session. We hope to see you there!

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