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The Youth of Today… the Future of Dodgeball!

It’s official: the 2017/18 dodgeball season is upon us. And now that we’ve  caught up with our grown-up Bees’ progress, it’s time to cross over to see what’s going on with the best that the future of dodgeball, has got to offer!

Manchester Bees Dodgeball Academy

The newly formed Mr Dodgeball/Bees academy, open to anyone aged 14-16, is now up and running. The sessions are suitable for all abilities and take place from 7-8pm at St Anne’s High School in Stockport, on Wednesdays – for more information, visit the Bees Academy facebook page!

the Bees' Academy sessions are now well underway!
the Bees’ Academy sessions are now well underway!

The sessions are coached by qualified coaches Sam Wrench and Colm Mallon and take place 7-8 at St Annes High School in Stockport.

Mr Dodgeball and his Junior Bees

Mr Dodgeball’s Junior clubs’ coaching team, Helen Slater, Sam Wrench, George Howard, Victoria Foster, and Chris Riley have been working hard to provide fun, innovative sessions to all young players.

Coaches Chris and Victoria alongside this season's first tournament winners!
Coaches Chris and Victoria alongside this season’s first tournament winners!

Regular sessions have restarted and the uptake, as always, has been fantastic – with both returning players and also lots of new players getting involved.

Weekly sessions

Mr Dodgeball runs weekly sessions at a variety of locations for teams, including the Horwich Heat, Heaton Hurricanes, Altrincham Dodgers, Avondale Avalanche, Handforth Hawks, and new club the Burnage Bruins.

For more information on weekly sessions, visit Mr Dodgeball’s website!


Mr Dodgeball has monthly tournaments running from October 2017 until July 2018, with support and additional coaching provided by Manchester Bees’ Players – and sometimes with very special, surprise guests!

Bumble the Bee making a very special surprise appearance at one of last season's final Junior Tournaments, alongside Bath Spartan's James Robinson and Bees' very own Sam Wench
Some of last season’s special Guests: Bumble the Bee, Bath Spartan’s James Robinson and Manchester Bees’ very own Sam Wench!

Representative teams

Mr Dodgeball will be entering teams into British Dodgeball’s Junior Tournaments thisseason!

Players will be selected from Mr Dodgeball’s community clubs in the under 11 and under 13 categories, to play for Mr Dodgeball’s Junior Bees team.

At this year’s inaugural Season Open in Leicester in September, the Junior Bees were runners-up in both categories, having played to a brilliant level throughout the day!


Thinking about getting involved? Manchester Bees cater for all ages – Mr Dodgeball’s junior sessions for ages 6-13; the Manchester Bees Dodgeball Academy for ages 14-16; and Manchester Bees Dodgeball for adult players!