What’s it like to join Manchester Bees?

Joining a new club is never easy, it’s a new chapter and one that can be daunting for most people. As of one the biggest Dodgeball clubs in the UK we love getting new members and growing the hive in numbers!

If your looking to join a new team or just giving Dodgeball a go for the first time, we want to ensure we do everything we can to make you feel welcomed and enjoy your first training session with us.

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It seems to be going pretty well thus far…Read on for some insights as to what it’s like to join Manchester Bees from those who have joined us this season:

Dave Prestage – “It’s been great since making the move to Manchester Bees! As an experienced player it’s different to some as I have played against these lads for so many years. Definitely an advantage when you know a few of the players already!
The whole set up is amazing, from a members session I still get the training and improvement, as does someone completely new to the sport, this is a massive credit to the committee who run it! My first tournament was at the Yorkshire Open and I loved it! The vibe between all the teams we took was brilliant and it was great to have support from all the Bees players.
I did a lot of coaching at my last club so it was nice to just participate as a player, hopefully I can help out any new players who need advice along the way. We’re set up for a great season and I can’t wait to see how it goes!”

Emily Walker – “Prior to joining Bees in October I was apprehensive. I left the comfort of training with people I knew week in week out at Nottingham Sheriffs to an entirely new team. My first impressions was that everyone was very welcoming and really lovely! My first tournament with Bees was after only 1 week of training and even though I hadn’t got to grips with the calls, no one made a big deal out of it and it was really enjoyable. We even won a medal! Bees is a great club and they really make an effort to make every individual feel valued regardless of ability. Even after less than 2 months of playing, I feel settled within the team and ready for the games ahead!”

Sophia Magarinos – “Joining Bees has been a really refreshing experience, but also extremely challenging! Coming from a University team and occasionally playing for the community team it’s been a rather easy transition because I already know a few of the faces from the Opens and Leagues. At the first session I attended the women’s coaches were super welcoming and pro-active in explaining the drills and how they would be helpful in a game scenario. As a semi-experienced player I found the sessions challenging but also fun…everyone at Bees has been welcoming and I love coming to the sessions.”

Lewis Diggins – ” I’d known that i was going to be moving to Manchester during my final year of uni, therefore made the occasional journey up to a training session which made it a lot easier. It also helped as there was a bunch of newbees joining at the same time, one of which I spent 4 years studying with. Before moving to Bees I had played in the Northern Uni league and League 2, when I was selected to play for the Bees men’s 1st team, the Killer Bees I was excited to to take the step up to Super League. Our first match was against EA Vikings, a team I’d never played before. It was tough but we came away with a win of 14-12. Next we were up against Spartans that ended in a 13-13 draw. After half time Spartans made a really commendable comeback which had nothing to do with an old Uni friend because he played like an actual potato!
In terms of playing for Bees it’s been really straightforward from a players point of view. They have a great support system of coaches and committee members who organise everything so it tends to be that I just have to turn up and play, which is perfect for someone like me.”

Rebecca Conaty – “I’ve really enjoyed my Bee’s experience so far, everyone has been really friendly and accommodating, being a total new-bee I could not of asked for more!
I’ve enjoyed the mix between the members sessions where I can work on the different elements of the game and the social sessions where it’s more of a relaxed fun atmosphere.
My first tournament was the Yorkshire Open playing for the Ivy Bees. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t tough to start with as you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into, but by the end of the day, we had all jelled together as a team and it was a great experience.
I’ve also been playing at the Manchester City League which is  great for new players such as myself to ease into the Dodgeball world!”


Come along to our social sessions – Trinity Sports Centre – 8-10pm – Thursdays

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