Progress Report: The November Update

The year really has flown by and now we’ve hit December, it’s time to look back over the last few weeks at the Bees’ highlights for November.

Manchester Bees Academy


The Manchester Bees Academy is in still full swing with members training every Wednesday under the watchful eye of coach Sam Wench.  Feedback is good and the Academy’s regular members are developing quite the tactical mind, as well as dodgeball skillset. Now developing their competitive edge, we can’t see how they get along in tournaments and friendlies lined up to take place over the coming weeks and months!

Stafford Open

The Stafford Open took place on 18 November and the Honey and Queen Bees took part in some fierce competition. Suzanne Vickers, Dodge-coach and regular Queen Bee, also attended but rather than getting bees’y, Suzie-V played with fellow Northern Irish players, for Belfast United – and took home the silver after a fantastic day’s competition!

Belfast United’s own Suzie-V poses for a post-tournament photo with the Queen Bees!

The Queen Bees and Honey Bees came first and second, respectively, in the Plate Cup at the tournament… and the real highlight? The historical moment? Achievement of a lifetime? It can only be one thing. The now infamous moment that the one and only Vic Hind made a legendary TRIPLE CATCH versus ‘Storfs’, the Storm / Sheriffs 1 super-team.

That legendary catch, along with so much other incredible play from all Honey Bees, led to eventual winners Storfs’ only defeat of the day. Incredible.

The Woman, the Myth, the Legend: Vic Hind
The Woman, the Myth, the Legend: Vic Hind

League Update

The following week, the Killers, Queens and Workers were back in action at League on 25 November 2017.  All three teams are competing valiantly in their respective leagues, with Honey Bees ready to join the fray at Women’s League 1 , which kicks off later in December.

Bees’ Community Update

A huge thank you to all from the dodgeball community who donated their coats in support of the #WrapUpManchester campaign towards the end of the month. The coats formed part of a 51-stong donation organised by one of the Bees, which will be a huge help in keeping the city’s homeless warm over winter.

London Storm show their laces in support of inclusivity in sport
London Storm show their rainbow laces in support of inclusivity in sport

Finally, a massive shout-out to our friends down at London Storm, for participating in a wonderfully worthwhile cause; Rainbow Laces Day. Find out more about the Rainbow Laces Movement and sign up to show your support here.

Like the idea of joining a community club, whether to show off your competitive edge or support some wonderful causes and make some friends in the dodgeball community? Our All-comers sessions run on Tuesdays, from 8 – 9.30 at Manchester Academy School, M14 4PX. Be sure to check our facebook page for details of our training break at Christmas!