NPC Triple Header: Digital Programme

Welcome to the Nick Pinnock Cup Triple Header Event! This digital programme contains details on matches and team fixtures. For times and location details (as well as details on the Nick Pinnock Cup competition) please check out this info post.

The event will be family friendly, with children’s T-shirts on sale. We will have music and an announcer to explain the finer points of the game (but you can read ahead on the rules here!). Raffle tickets will be available throughout the day for some excellent prizes and the draw will take place at 18:00.

Arrive just before the first game, from 4:15pm onwards. Grab yourself Manchester Bees training T-shirts, water bottles and more at the Honeycomb pop-up stall!

MATCH 1: MUDS vs Lancaster University 2nds @ 16:30
As both teams are from universities, this match promises to be a high-octane thriller full of powerful throws and stunning dodges, with both teams demonstrating their athletic prowess throughout.

Manchester University Dodgeball Society (MUDS) 10365870_788154431232293_727454577323199739_n
Team Roster
Amane Toda
Colm Mallon
Hannah Ward☆
Hardik Desai
Jack Halpin
Jon Lulham-Dillon
Jordan Lowrey
Liam Ryder☆
Matt Wiehl©

MUDS have had an excellent start to the year, with highlights including coming 5th at University Championships and winning Plate Cups at the East Midlands Tournament and the North West Tournament. Their team for the Nick Pinnock Cup is made up of stalwart players who help make up the backbone of the club. Players to watch out for include Hannah Ward and Liam Ryder, who have both represented their countries on the international stage.

Lancaster University 2nds1798740_736372859707900_1879409880_n
Team Roster
Zach Peterside
Will Crowther©
Aaron Bains☆
Dove Aras
Alex Lawrence
Jonny Fay
Conor Ross

After being founded 2 years ago, and having not yet entered many UKDBA tournaments, both Lancaster University teams are an unknown entity. One thing is to be sure though, this plucky second team are certainly going to try to take their chance by beating MUDS and getting through to the next round of the Nick Pinnock Cup!

MATCH 2: Nottingham Sheriffs vs Manchester Worker Bees @ 17:15
This middle match will be a tense one, as it pitches two of the largest community clubs in the UK against each other. Nottingham Sheriffs will be looking to earn their spot in the next round but the Worker Bees don’t plan on giving it to them easily.

Nottingham Sheriffs14520477_1137538599667332_425566604690083288_n
Team Roster
Coach: James Shaw
James Woodhouse☆
Alex Youngman☆
Michael Parry ©
Jordan Taylor
James Calverly
Ben Coole

After being founded 3 years ago, the Sheriffs earned back to back promotions in 2015 and 2016, putting them firmly in the Dodgeball Premier League. Nottingham Sheriffs community club is one of the biggest in the UK, and attracts graduates from Nottingham and Derby universities alongside new players to the sport. They are an exciting team to watch, well known for their awesome catching ability.

Manchester Worker BeesBee only
Team Roster
Alex Huband
Elliot Barker
Akshay Shah
David Streather
Andy Lowther☆
Angus Carruthers☆
Sam Webb
Tom Shelbrooke ©
Ben Watkin
James King-Nickol

The Worker Bees are Manchester Bees’ 2nd team and are a mixture of young, explosive talent and grizzled experience. Two weeks ago, Sheriffs narrowly beat the Worker Bees 6-4 at the English Open so you can be certain that the Worker will want to seek revenge during this game. Watch out for power throwing and a closely-knit team performance.

RAFFLE DRAW @ 18:00­ – Buy your tickets on the day, great prizes up for grabs!

MATCH 3: Manchester Killer Bees vs Lancaster University 1sts @ 18:15
The grand finale will be played by the mysterious Lancaster University 1st team and local champions, the Killer Bees. The Killer Bees already have one eye on a Nick Pinnock Cup Finals day spot, but Lancaster will do everything they can to stay in the competition.

Manchester Killer BeesBee only
Team Roster
Player-Coach: Aden Woodall
Alex Bembridge☆
Bru Cousins
Liam McMahon☆
Lewis Brimmell
Ross McGuigan
Rob Kearns ©
Carl Mawson
Mat Wright
Michael Storey (injured)

The Killer Bees have gone from strength to strength this season, with a victory at the Manchester Open (beating out 3 of the top ranked DPL teams in the process) and strong performances in the Dodgeball Premier League. The boys have been training hard in 5 ball rules and will be looking to use a combination of their experience, rapid throwing and expert catching ability to dominate the court.1798740_736372859707900_1879409880_n

Lancaster University 1sts
Team Roster
Ole Kamalathan☆
Billy Callaway
Daniel Treacher
Jack Jerrard
George Sanderson
Adam Badley ©

Lancaster University’s top 6 players will be ready to test themselves against an experienced DPL side, and they don’t plan on making it easy for the Killer Bees. Look out for Ole Kamalathan who will be using his speed and a fastball throw to deftly take down opposition.