The all new A-Z of Dodgeball! Bees Edition

IT’S BACK! It’s better than ever, it’s the A-Z of Dodgeball!

We first teased you with the A-Z of Dodgeball back in 2017 and we thought it’s been long enough, ladies & gentlemen its the Manchester Bees A-Z (Part 1)

A – AWARDS – Apart from some questionable awards given out on our end of season awards gala, we did stuff this year, including winning ‘Club of the Year’ at Manchester Sports Awards.
B – BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, BEES – You’ve heard it at least once somewhere. No tournament or end of training session would be the same without one…
C – CATCHES – Guess what? They win matches (Bees players are known for making some disgusting takes on the floor of a Dodgeball court)
D – DINGS – Those audacious hits that clip the opponents toes and you just can’t help but shout out with appreciation “What a ding!”
E – EIGHT – At first you might be thinking, eight? But for the first time ever, Bees had eight teams participating at our home open, this included the Killers, Workers, Soldier, Miners, Masons, Queens, Honeys and Ivy Bees (p.s. we’re running out of species!)
F – FLUORESCENT – The Bees kit is considerably brighter than most, almost fluorescent some might say but its great to spot team mates in a crowded hall. 
G – GRIND – A new saying enter the club of ‘grind it out’, not the nicest of sayings but when it’s being shouted at you, you know what you have to do #PestleAndMortar
H – HITS – Whether it’s against the last player standing or the perfect body skimming throw, if you make the hit, it feels good.
I – INJURIES – Like most sports, injuries are part of the package. We’ve had a few incidents this season already, including  one such player falling over their own feet and breaking an arm  (You know who you are!)

Keep an eye out for Part 2, coming to you soon!