New Season Open…or as we prefer to call it, the warm up

And so it begins….

With an new season upon us, the swarm were ready to descend on Derby arena, the first open of the new season. Armed with very little training after a relaxing summer of fun social sessions, we headed into the competition with 5 teams, the Killers, Workers, Soldiers, Honey’s and Queen Bees. With old and new players alike we decided to mix it up.

First up were the workers, despite going down a player before the open even started. (Alex Jones’ train curiously breaking down, or was it just one too many jagerbombs the night before?) They rallied together as a team, giving the eventual men’s winners Vikings a very close run, loosing  10-6.


The Queens also had an exciting time at the Open, playing excellently against Leeds Dodge. The introduction of a new team to British Dodgeball, the Burton Bears competed valiantly, massive shout out to Molly who made a game changing catch as the last player in. Finally they moved on to play Bedford, showing signs of whats to come.

Next up was the turn of the Killers. May this be the new and improved team? Maybe not, with Matt committing to a suicide in a 3 on 1 game…and missing, leading to a loss…In other news they fought well against Thunderdodge, taking them to a last set and took a great win over Derby.

The Honeys started off well, playing a close game against Derby Phantoms, unfortunately there was always going to be a ‘village’ moment and that came at half time when they realized they had somehow had a game ‘misplaced’ which lead to a draw….In other games they played fantastic against Sheriffs, ending 7-5 and a valiant effort against Beagles.

Lastly we had the Soldiers kick off their open with great play, coming back in not one, not two but three second halves, winning against London Storm 2 (0-6 to 8-6), super league side Bedford Rangers (2-8 to 10-8) and drawing with Sheriffs.

Ross the perfect block

We would also like to say a massive thank you to honorary Bee, Mikey for all his support and well played in the juniors tournament.

Congratulations to all the players of the day!

Queens – Molly Bailey
Honeys – Helena Law
Soldier – Liam Ryder
Workers – Lewis Diggins
Killers – Michael Bailey

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