Leagues – Meet 3 – Stormy weather ahead

Here we are, league meet 3. After some really good results recently the Bees were hoping to carry on their form and bag some more wins. At this meet it was destined to be a Bees Vs Storm show down, with 5 matches scheduled. Could it be stormy weather ahead?

Switching things up. The Queens, Honeys and Soldiers had the joy of getting up ridiculously early for the morning session. Most players were not happy about the situation but like bees we buzzed on ahead and made it to SGP.

The Queens first took on London Storm 2. The ladies just needed to keep calm on court and all went well for the first half with some excellent catches by Fay Woodall. The second half saw the Queens have a slight wobble but never the less ended up with a win of 16-6. This took the Bees to a 5 wins out of 5, the best possible start to their league campaign!
Next up was London Storm 1. A terrific team in their own right, the Queens had a bit of a shocking start, however managed to re-gain some form in the second half with the help of Cesca McCarthy, who was voted MVB, making some super catches from 3 balls. The Queens unfortunately lost 6-14 but 1 loss out of 6 isn’t so bad!


The Soldiers had a hard meet this time round as they came up against the League 2 leaders, Coventry Silverbacks. Coventry haven’t lost a set all season but the Soldiers were able to grind out a spirited 21-3 loss. One Bee quoted ‘It’s safe to say we’ve never seen a team less happy to win by 18 points’. A credit to the team!
The second match was against EA Valkyries 2nds who were 1 spot above the Soldiers in the table. The soldiers played great and ended up winning 14-10. They showed great team spirit and executed different game plans in two really good performances. Eddie Campbell was voted MVB but it was such a team effort!


The last of the teams to play in the mornings session were the Honey Bees. After a tough start to the league the Honeys had put in a lot of work at training and hoped to get a win at meet 3. The Honeys first match was against EA Valkyries, it was hard fought and the Honeys took a lot of points from a very good team, eventually losing 19 -9. Next up was London Storm 2. The Honeys were fired up and focused. They played some of their best Dodgeball to date, finally winning 19-5, a great result for the ladies! Cath Payne won MVB for some excellent catches!


Moving into the afternoons session we had the Workers and Killer Bees ready to play at League meet 3.

The Workers also had a hard meet, playing Derby Phantoms first. The Workers played well but ended up losing 17-7. Next up they were against Leeds Dodge, again a hard fought match but the Workers lost 19-11. In both matches it was really great to see some players being rewarded by being moved up in the team, with the likes of Adam Hameed and Jack Halpin both playing well. The boys will certainly we back on track in the New Year.

Lastly we have the Bees top men’s team competing in the Super League, the Killer Bees. Please see below a special edition from Killers own, Alex Jones.

After an acceptable but imperfect start of the season, the league 3 fixtures carried extra pressure, with the Killer Bees facing up against both London Storm 1 and 2. With some disappointing draws in the previous weeks the Killers were hunting for wins. Unfortunately at a previous session Matt Wiehl, a consistent performer for the team picked up a gruesome injury to his thumb. He joined Rob Kearns in the injury tent as another big blow to the line-up.
With the team in disarray, the day had come. Rumour had it there was only one man that could turn the fortunes of the team around, the handsome talisman of confidence, competition and success that is Alex Jones (AJ). Our last hope.
The first match was against Storm 2. The Killers had a great start and took an early 6-2 lead. A few mistakes and improvements were identified but quickly fixed. A tame and clinical second half saw the killers win the game comfortably. It was also nice to see Ash S, who’s famous history with the club showered the game in a haze of nostalgia and friendship.
The main event. Killer Bees vs Storm 1. A game riddled with international talent and success. The star-studded game was clearly a highlight of the fixture list! A tense few early sets showed no clear winner with everything up for grabs. The bees clawed their way in front with some amazing team performances. Run-offs seemed to be one of the strongest points of the Bees game with Aden Woodall and AJ battling with famous rapper Ray J for who could hit them first. The bees continued to draw ahead, making copious amount of hits, catches and winning trades. As the second half started the bees faced a scenario they had been in preciously. With flashbacks to draws and tough losses ran through some of the older players minds, the young players were focused on nothing but the win. Storm seemed perplexed, with the quality of throws from the bees, they couldn’t rely on their catches to get an edge. With AJ trading hits like they were Pokémon cards in a playground, Storm could no longer focus on the harrowing cannon of Aden on the other wing. Amazing preparation and coaching form Rob Kearns meant execution was easy for the boys. With every set won, the Bees drew more confident. Led by the roars of loud-mouth AJ, storm couldn’t keep the Bees contained. Strong hits from Diggins, Woodall and Bembridge mixed with crucial catches from Bru, Prestage and a splash of Ross McGuigan and AJ’s all-round brilliance meant the Bees were able to remain physically and mentally the better team.
It was a glorious day from start to finish for the Killer bees with some interesting and difficult team decisions to be made in the New Year. Alex Jones was voted the player of the day by the team, rumour say he may be celebrating by tattooing ‘I told you so’ on his forehead. Well done to the whole team who showed they could get excited and hyped up to win, who showed they still have what it takes to be the best.

A big shout out to our lovely kit sponsors Totus Environmental – At meet 3 we had the chance to show off our new kits!