Leagues – Meet 1 – A Reputable Start

The morning of the league was cold but the Bees dusted off their stripes and made the long(ish) journey to SGP.

The morning slots consisted of the Killer Bees playing in the Super League and the Worker Bees in Men’s League 1. The Killer Bees first match was against East Anglia Vikings, a very even game with the scores level all the way. It went to a sixty second set, Bees very own, Aden Woodall making a hit on Scotty Whitelaw winning the set and the match. Killers next match was against Leamington Spartans, with “the greatest first  half ever” dubbed by Aden. The Killers were winning 13-3 however Spartans made some tactical changes and fought back to settle for a draw 13-13.

Next up to play was the Workers. Their first match was against MDL Raptors where they took a win of 16-6. It was some of the best performances put on show by the Workers.  Next they were up against Nottingham Sheriffs  2, where Workers took an unprecedented amount of rebound catches, winning 23-5


Then came Saturday Afternoon, the Soldiers, Honeys and Queen Bees swarmed together at the classic Sainsbury carpark, ready for an hour and a half long journey to the quite impressive St George’s Park.

The Soldier Bees first match was against London Storm 3’s, it was hard fought and unfortunately the Bees came away with a loss, although the match showed highlights from Adam Hameed. The next match was against Bedford Eagles 2nd’s the Bees resilient as ever, came back fighting, ending with a draw of 12-12, a great result for the Soldiers.

It was the beginning of the Women’s Super League for both ladies teams and Men’s League 2 respectively. After a solid block of training (with the exception of the Euros) the Bees felt good going into their first matches of the new season. We had a lot of new faces making their debut’s for the Bees at league and they did not let us down, these included;

Amanda King, Christie Abbatt, Emily Walker, Rose Finney, Adam Hameed, Lewis Diggins, Liam Ryder, Femi Adejumobi, Patrick Briars, Michael Bailey, Jack Halpin & Ryan Foster. (Yes, we did do very well in the transfer window 😉)

The Queens first took on East Anglia Valkyries who kept the Queens on their toes in the first half. But the Bees did not waviermaking excellent hits and catches and calls made by Cesca McCarthy, Valkyries led 6-4 at half time. With the Queens not out of the game yet, they rallied together and played out of their skin to win 12-10, even with Fay Woodall and Emily Walker getting sin-binned for a ‘so-called’ late hit on a EA player. Their next match was against Leeds, you might say an ‘nemesis’ as the Queens had lost twice to them in previous opens by one game. It was on! Queens started off well again, trialling by one game at half time. After a strong half-time talk by Coach Woodsy, the girls upped the aggression and took the win comfortably with a score of 16-8.

After being promoted from Women’s League 1 last season, the Honey Bees were looking to make their mark on the Super League. Their first match was against the also newly promoted Bedford Rangers was tough. Bedford came in with a game plan, playing a rather boring single ball game. Despite losing the match the Honey Bees showed signs of what they are capable of, with some excellent timed counters and catches. Their next match was against  a very tough opponents in Nottingham Sheriffs. The ladies played well in the first half, with Imy Young making some fantastic catches alongside Kate Wood and Lucy Collins and some absolute toe dings by Sian Ellis. The ladies may of lost but with some more training behind them for meet 2, they can most certainly become the comeback kids.

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The Bees will continue with their training over the coming weeks and look forward to the next league meets.

See you next time for more updates!

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