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Keeping Up with the Killers: Episode III

Missed out on the previous episodes of #KUWTK? Catch up on the Episode I: The Premiere and Episode II: The Midseason Special before continuing, or suffer the spoilers!

Having played all the teams in DPL once, the Bees had settled in fourth place, suffering defeat to only two teams. With week 4’s fixtures mirroring those from Week 1, the Bees began the second half of the season against London Storm whom they had previously defeated 13-6.

The teams could not be separated over the first two games, with both ending in tight draws after three minutes. The Killer Bees managed to gain control of the contest thanks to precise throwing, finishing with a 15-4 victory over the team from the capital.

Buoyed by their dominant display against London Storm, the Killer Bees managed to execute their best performance of the league season, achieving the maximum 19 points from Nottingham Sheriffs whilst dropping none themselves. No Manchester player put a foot wrong in the match, combining terrific throws, dynamic dodging and crucial catches throughout the encounter.

Some very happy Killers
Some very happy and successful Killers

Searching for a hat-trick of wins for the day, Manchester were to play their final match against Meteors, themselves desperate for a win after a defeat to Wessex Wolves.

The Bees were sluggish out of the blocks and lost the first two games before clawing back points, heading into the final game with the match delicately balanced at 6 points apiece.

Manchester’s initial sluggishness would come back to haunt them as they were unable to earn the final points of the match and succumbed to their second defeat against the Lutterworth collective.


In Week 5, the Killer Bees were due to repeat their fixtures from week 2. That week, Manchester had suffered their heaviest defeat to Bedford Might Eagles, 17-2. Determined not to suffer the same fate, the Bees headed into the match in something of a frenzy. However, there was perhaps too much desire and excitement, with Mighty Eagles soaring into a 6-0 lead. Tactical changes and standout play from Aden Woodall dragged the Bees back into the contest before a number of close calls went against the Manchester team; the match ended 13-6 in Bedford’s favour.

Playing next against a full strength Dirty Ducks team, the Bees suffered their second defeat of the day and their first of the entire season to a team below them in the league. Smart catching from the Warwick University alumni saw them take 15 points in a desperately disappointing defeat for the Killer Bees.

Meet Paul (L) and Elliot (R). Neither are Killers (yet), but at Meet 5, the Killers were a bit camera shy. Paul and Elliot aren't camera shy.
Meet Paul (L) and Elliot (R). Neither are Killers (yet), but at Meet 5, the Killers were a bit camera shy. Paul and Elliot aren’t camera shy.

Determined to end the day with a victory, the Bees faced Jammy Dodgers in what was set to be a tense, attritional game. With clinical throwing and tactical discipline, the Bees ground out a gritty 13-6 victory over the Hinckley team.

With three fixtures left, Manchester Killer Bees remain in 4th place in the Dodgeball Premier League, 25 points ahead of 5th place and 37 points behind 3rd place. With their next three fixtures against a team trying to cement their status at the top of the league and two teams scrambling to secure safety, the Bees are taking nothing for granted.