What Happened: Manchester Bees’ Awards Night 2018

2018 saw the Bees celebrate our 5th year anniversary as a club. As the end of the season approached, the Manchester Bees Awards Gala was upon us once more! An evening of seriously timely admin, a music video, awards (both serious and shanterous), hot pots and a few drinks ensued. Here’s how the evening went down…

bees 1

We began with the most efficient Annual General Meeting in Ross McGuigan’s extensive living memory. Tom Shelbrooke conducted each member of the committee to give an update on the year, with ruthless speed and precision. Big congratulations to Ross who was reappointed as Development Officer (despite talking for longer than his allotted 30 seconds) and Lucy Collins who has become women’s coach!


Here’s to Shelly lasting 17 minutes and calling it ‘extremely quick’…

We quickly moved onto the premier of Manchester Bees’ World Cup 2018 promo video – ‘One Bee on a Shirt’. A huge thanks to Aden, David, Elliot, Liam, Ross and everyone else who helped out and allowed themselves to be immortalised on camera. Check out the video on Youtube and let us know what your favourite part is on our Facebook page!


Next, everyone headed outside in their finery for photos. Highlights included Barker and Maccers taking the cutest couple photo of 2018, and Cesca, Barker and Dave gatecrashing the Killers squad photo. I think I speak for all the Bees when I say serious selection questions were raised when a Queen Bee, a Solider Bee and a borderline cripple were all that remained of the Killers at the English Championship. Back inside we went for hot pot…


Or not. Hot pot delayed and Belgium were beating Brazil – the evening was saved! As Aden prepared to do the rest of the evening to an empty room, everyone was prized away from the football and back in for the Buzzies. The Buzzies were, in Aden’s words ‘the best he’s ever done’. And while too many to go through in detail, there were some crackers. Highlights included:

  • Best grind: Ewan Ellis
  • Throw Alone Hero: Aden Woodall
  • Best Catch: Vic ‘triple catch’ Hind
  • Carer award: Mike and Hubes (RIP sober Helena)
  • Unsung Hero: Zac Baker


To dinner! Or not (again.) Sadly, there was an issue with the kitchen and as rumours that Barker had simply broken in during the photos and eaten hot pot for 30, we pressed on! First we wished all the international Bees congratulations and good luck to everyone competing at the World Cup in New York! Suzanne and Ross then drew the most extensive raffle seen by men. Rumours were there are still a pair of VR goggles and a token for ‘5 back-rubs by Huband’ up for grabs…

We then started the proper awards for the night before – wait for it – DINNER (pause for fanfare and general not starving to death.) A combination of incredible hunger and Aden saying we only had 10 minutes to eat meant that dinner disappeared quicker than Andy Lowther gets antagonised to violence.


We then continued with the rest of the awards – a massive congratulations to our worthy winners:

  • MVBs: Alex Bembridge, Adam Badley, Paul Brunger, Lucy Collins and Alex Charlton
  • Best newcomer: Cath Payne
  • Most improved: Colm Mallon and Liv Davis
  • Player’s player: Matt Wiehl and Cesca McCarthy
  • Coach of the year: Helena Law

Last, but certainly not least we had the committee awards. The committee do a huge amount for the club every day and we would like to offer everyone a massive thank you for everything they do. Special thanks goes to Ross, our committee member of the year! We would all also like to thank Aden for his years of service. Manchester Bees wouldn’t be the club it is today without all of Aden’s tireless work, and the committee would like to thank him for everything. The club marked the occasion by giving him a picture frame of Bees memories from 2017/18 and adopting a snake in his name. Name TBC.


Finally, we ended the evening with a little wiggle in the function room before chariots to Revolution in Deansgate. I won’t go into much detail, but let’s just say 30 degrees, full suits and serious, serious shapes do not mix. Still, at least Vic pulled… off some incredible moves on the dance floor!

What a night, thanks to everyone involved in organising! Barkles you are wonderful human beings and the Bees look forward to seeing who eventually fills Barker’s size 3 shoes!

ROLL ON NEXT SEASON. Want to get involved? See our session info here and check it out before the new season starts!