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Halftime Highlights: Ladies’ Corner – A Bees’ One-Two? You’d better Bee-League it!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve presented the A to Z of being a Bee, you’ve been treated to the first and second instalments of Keeping Up With The Killers, and you’ve seen the thrilling account of the Worker Bees’ rise in the face of adversity, to their first league victories, aptly titled Workin’ 9-5, What a Way to Win a League Meet.  You lucky things – we’ve been spoiling you.

But whilst the lads have been commanding respect in the Midlands, our ladies’ teams have been getting pretty dodgy up north in Sheffield. Just over halfway through Women’s League 1 North, it’s time to catch up with the Queen Bees and Honey Bees, with a selection of  their Halftime Highlights.

“At the first league meet, when the teams realised we’d both done so well, having had an unbeatable day… We were top of the league table right from the start!” – Helena Law, Queen Bee, Ladies’ Coach

The Queen and Honey Bees celebrate a full house of wins at League Meet 1
The Queen and Honey Bees celebrate a full house of wins at League Meet 1

“When I moved to Manchester I had several clubs asking me to play for them. I’m really glad I chose the Bees because it’s a special thing we have going here. I just wish I’d signed up for tour in time #beegret” – Imy Young, Queen Bee,  Deliverer of fantastic shutdowns

“I’ve really enjoyed the team road trips up to Sheffield and back, especially with two teams’ worth of cars in the convoy!” – Cat Bawtree, Honey Bee, Scotland Highlander

“We’ve got a great team spirit and with our #Bees1and2  so far this season, it’s only going to get better! Plus it gets me away from Aden for a while. I do love him but it is nice to have an afternoon off.” – Sian Ellis, Queen Bee, Supplier of Drugs (don’t worry, she’s a pharmacist)

#Bees1and2 – The league table as it stands after Meet 4 of 7

“Just because I’ve collected fellow honey Vic en route to each meet, I’ve earned a chocolate milkshake from Maccies to enjoy on the way. The meets have been great and I’m full of love for the bees and our honeys squad is just #newbeegoals – and, well, #goals generally – but those chocolate milkshakes…” – Alex Charlton, Honey Bee, Blog Aficionado 

“The general camaraderie of the two ladies teams, trips over the hills (rainbows!) Hair plaiting, glitter, having the honeys – and the lads who’ve come along too – support and cheering each other on in matches.” – Suzanne Vickers, Queen Bee, Northern Ireland Knight

Queen and Honey Bees' Squad Selfie with women's coach Alex Bembridge
Queen and Honey Bees’ Squad Selfie with women’s coach Alex Bembridge

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