Dodge the Gym and Bee Fit

Besides being the most exciting, fun sport in the world, dodgeball is also brilliant for developing different aspects of fitness. If you’re looking to get into shape in 2017, check out how Dodgeball could help you improve!

A tired but happy Suzanne Vickers after an intense evening of dodgeball fitness!
When’s the last time you looked as happy after an intense fitness session as Queen Bee Suzanne?!

Cardiovascular endurance and recovery rate

It isn’t just the last second catches that will get your heart beating! Ever heard of HIIT? Well, it’s one of the best ways to lose weight (google it) and with intense games lasting for 3 minutes, dodgeball is a brilliant high intensity workout! With up to 5 balls coming at you at speeds over 60mph (they don’t hurt, promise!), avoiding being hit for a full 3 minute game is no simple task. Dodging, ducking, dipping and diving your way to victory will get your heart pumping, especially in a match that consists of 7 games.

Muscular endurance

To be a top player, you need to be able to throw hard. Players can throw more than 50 times in one match, and that develops not only power (being able to move an object quickly), but also muscular endurance (being able to move it quickly many times). This will tone up those arms by throwing, legs by jumping and all the lateral movements make for a good core workout too!

Coach Helena shows us how it's done!
Can you kick it?! Coach and Queen Bee Helena definitely can!

Coordination Dodgeball is a very precise game. Mere centimetres can mean the difference between making the game winning hit and missing completely. The slightest change in the position of your hands can mean either a stunning catch or a dropped ball. You need to be able to track a moving ball and decide how best to move to avoid it. Soon after picking up Dodgeball, you’ll notice that you are more aware of space and how you fit into it. Bonus result: You’ll be far less likely to bang into your dining room table!

Reaction time

Everything in Dodgeball is fast. To be a good player, you need to be able to see a ball moving towards you and make your dodge before it reaches you. Sounds easy with one ball, but try seeing 5 balls in the air and diving away from them. It’s tough! But have no fear, you will get better and better at reacting to surprise attacks. After a few months of dodgeball, you’ll be an expert at saving dropped mugs from falling onto the kitchen floor.

Bees Ross, Alex, Liam, Aden and Bru feel the sting after a day of dodgeball!
Veteran Bees Ross, Alex, Liam, Aden and Bru feel the sting after a great day of dodgeball!

So what are you waiting for!? With a wide range of fitness benefits, get down to Manchester Bees Dodgeball club in January! Quote ‘New Year, New Bee’ for a free first session.