Leagues – Meet 4 – The comebacks on

We welcomed 2019 with open arms and hoped to have as much good fortune as we had at meets 1, 2 & 3 back in 2018.

We wanted to give you a motivational quote but instead we decided to tell you how our meet 4 went!


British Dodgeball  – not one’s to let up, had planned an extremely early league meet no. 4 in January. With Christmas just passed some players had not trained for a few weeks and we just hoped that the copious amount of Mince Pies and Prosecco hadn’t taken their toll on the players.

It was Saturday and it was the turn of the Killers and Workers to take the Morning session.

Killers first match of the day was against Nottingham Sheriffs, always a great game! The lads came away with a win of 18-6 and some excellent play all round with all Killers playing  to their fullest! The hard work they have been putting in at training was clear to see! The Killers next took on Bedford Eagles, unfortunately coming away with a loss of 17-11. It was a tense match with the Killer Bees taking first blood and getting the first few games, however Bedford’s catching prowess shone through. There were however some great individual play, especially coming from England’s own, Aden Woodall, player of the day.

The Worker Bees day got off to an unfortunate start with young prodigy Femi dropping out with flu. Luckily the rest of the Workers had their flu jabs in September and were unaffected by the bug.
On to the court and the Workers faced off against MK Cyclones. After a rather dismal start the lads rallied to level things with a few minutes to go but unfortunately with a few individual errors and and other slightly ‘village’ things saw the Workers lose the match 14-10.
Next match up was against Bedford Rangers, after some ‘soul searching’ in the cafe during the 2 hour break the lads geared up and flew out of the blocks to lead 11-3. After half time the Workers managed to hold their position and win comfortably 13-9. A good day of solid performances as a team and individually. Coach Elliot Barker somehow managed to win player of the day (whispers of a rigging were heard and an investigation into corruption will begin next week).

Into the Mid session – the Queens, Soldier and Honey Bees arrived for what would turn out to be a very interesting day indeed.

The Queen Bees had their toughest league meet of the entire Super league this time round. Facing off against the two teams who currently sat above them in the table – Nottingham Sheriffs and Bedford Eagles. The Queens were up against Sheriffs first of all. They started off well, threatening and punishing one ball throws with some fantastic catches from player of the day Lucy Collins and Fay Woodall respectively. It was back and forth on game wins and by the time half time rolled around it was very close. The game caught the attention of the rest of the Super League players and all of a sudden there were spectators at every side of the court. The second half was indeed very close with Sian Ellis and Cesca McCarthy making some game turning catches. In true Bees style, the ladies managed to grind out a draw of 12-12!
Their second match was one of quite opposite fashion. Bedford being stern took out a lead in the first half, the Queens struggled but there was some good hits from Amanda King to watch out for. The second half saw the ladies rally and win a few more games ending the score at 16-6. It was a day that the ladies will definitely take.

Honey Bees have been on the comeback ever since their first league meet and with a new found sense of ‘let’s do this’ they went into the day raring to go. Their first match against Wessex Wolves was challenging upon stepping on to the court, seeing the ladies go 4-0 down but never deterred. Some great play by Zoe Rees the team were back on track at 4 all. It was a tight game with wins going both ways but brave play by Rose Finney up court saw the Honey Bees end with a draw of 10-10.
The second match of the day was against that of Leeds Dodge who had a talented team of players. The Honeys made huge improvements with group throws and accuracy keeping them in the game.  Kate Wood player of the day, managing to pull out two heroic catches as last player in, winning one exciting game in particular. The second half was more of the same fast paced play, including some cracking countering by Helena Law the Honey Bees managed to go into the last frame 10 all. Sadly the Honeys painfully lost a closely contested 1 minute last game but there was so much improvement its hard to feel sad.

The Soldier Bees first match was against Minotaur’s 3, the Soldier Bees came out like a battling ram and just kept on winning game after game, the score line ending at an impressive 23-3. Mike Bailey (Snr) making a big impact and winning well deservedly the player of the day! The Soldiers next had a tough match against Bedford Eagles 2, a closely contested affair the Soldiers did everything they could to win but unfortunat…Hang on a minute, a Bees team beat Bedford Eagles at meet 4! Soldiers win 14-12! Well done, great effort by all the lads that played.

A new edition of the British Dodgeball Circuit saw the introduction of Mixed League – whereby we have men and women playing on the court at the same time (3 women/3 men). Bees love to dabble in all things so we decided to enter 2 teams into the first ever Mixed League as Manchester Bees A & Manchester Bees B.

Manchester Bees A first match was against Leicester Uni, going into something so new it was hard to tell what the score line would turn out like, but a stacked team, the Bees felt good! The end of the match finished a healthy 21-7, shout out to Ellie Ford for some cheeky dings.
Their next match was against Nottingham Sheriffs, again some great hits, catches and dodges from all players saw the finish score of 21-9. Dave Prestage has never been so happy to win player of the day!

Manchester Bees B first went up against a tough Leicester Minotaurs. Again, with it being new, the Bees B team were apprehensive but they had nothing to worry about grinding out in true Bees fashion a draw of 14-14. Congrats to Zainab who won player of the day with some crucial catching (congrats to beating out all the men for the prestigious title!)
Their next game was against Warwick Warriors, again a tough contest for the men and women on the team. They struggled but there were moments of class, unfortunately the final score was a loss 19-9.

Bee only

We’ll be keeping you up to date of all the Mixed League action so keep an eye out for the next Bees Blog Blast!



What’s it like to join Manchester Bees?

Joining a new club is never easy, it’s a new chapter and one that can be daunting for most people. As of one the biggest Dodgeball clubs in the UK we love getting new members and growing the hive in numbers!

If your looking to join a new team or just giving Dodgeball a go for the first time, we want to ensure we do everything we can to make you feel welcomed and enjoy your first training session with us.

My Post (1)

It seems to be going pretty well thus far…Read on for some insights as to what it’s like to join Manchester Bees from those who have joined us this season:

Dave Prestage – “It’s been great since making the move to Manchester Bees! As an experienced player it’s different to some as I have played against these lads for so many years. Definitely an advantage when you know a few of the players already!
The whole set up is amazing, from a members session I still get the training and improvement, as does someone completely new to the sport, this is a massive credit to the committee who run it! My first tournament was at the Yorkshire Open and I loved it! The vibe between all the teams we took was brilliant and it was great to have support from all the Bees players.
I did a lot of coaching at my last club so it was nice to just participate as a player, hopefully I can help out any new players who need advice along the way. We’re set up for a great season and I can’t wait to see how it goes!”

Emily Walker – “Prior to joining Bees in October I was apprehensive. I left the comfort of training with people I knew week in week out at Nottingham Sheriffs to an entirely new team. My first impressions was that everyone was very welcoming and really lovely! My first tournament with Bees was after only 1 week of training and even though I hadn’t got to grips with the calls, no one made a big deal out of it and it was really enjoyable. We even won a medal! Bees is a great club and they really make an effort to make every individual feel valued regardless of ability. Even after less than 2 months of playing, I feel settled within the team and ready for the games ahead!”

Sophia Magarinos – “Joining Bees has been a really refreshing experience, but also extremely challenging! Coming from a University team and occasionally playing for the community team it’s been a rather easy transition because I already know a few of the faces from the Opens and Leagues. At the first session I attended the women’s coaches were super welcoming and pro-active in explaining the drills and how they would be helpful in a game scenario. As a semi-experienced player I found the sessions challenging but also fun…everyone at Bees has been welcoming and I love coming to the sessions.”

Lewis Diggins – ” I’d known that i was going to be moving to Manchester during my final year of uni, therefore made the occasional journey up to a training session which made it a lot easier. It also helped as there was a bunch of newbees joining at the same time, one of which I spent 4 years studying with. Before moving to Bees I had played in the Northern Uni league and League 2, when I was selected to play for the Bees men’s 1st team, the Killer Bees I was excited to to take the step up to Super League. Our first match was against EA Vikings, a team I’d never played before. It was tough but we came away with a win of 14-12. Next we were up against Spartans that ended in a 13-13 draw. After half time Spartans made a really commendable comeback which had nothing to do with an old Uni friend because he played like an actual potato!
In terms of playing for Bees it’s been really straightforward from a players point of view. They have a great support system of coaches and committee members who organise everything so it tends to be that I just have to turn up and play, which is perfect for someone like me.”

Rebecca Conaty – “I’ve really enjoyed my Bee’s experience so far, everyone has been really friendly and accommodating, being a total new-bee I could not of asked for more!
I’ve enjoyed the mix between the members sessions where I can work on the different elements of the game and the social sessions where it’s more of a relaxed fun atmosphere.
My first tournament was the Yorkshire Open playing for the Ivy Bees. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t tough to start with as you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into, but by the end of the day, we had all jelled together as a team and it was a great experience.
I’ve also been playing at the Manchester City League which is  great for new players such as myself to ease into the Dodgeball world!”


Come along to our social sessions – Trinity Sports Centre – 8-10pm – Thursdays

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Leagues – Meet 3 – Stormy weather ahead

Here we are, league meet 3. After some really good results recently the Bees were hoping to carry on their form and bag some more wins. At this meet it was destined to be a Bees Vs Storm show down, with 5 matches scheduled. Could it be stormy weather ahead?

Switching things up. The Queens, Honeys and Soldiers had the joy of getting up ridiculously early for the morning session. Most players were not happy about the situation but like bees we buzzed on ahead and made it to SGP.

The Queens first took on London Storm 2. The ladies just needed to keep calm on court and all went well for the first half with some excellent catches by Fay Woodall. The second half saw the Queens have a slight wobble but never the less ended up with a win of 16-6. This took the Bees to a 5 wins out of 5, the best possible start to their league campaign!
Next up was London Storm 1. A terrific team in their own right, the Queens had a bit of a shocking start, however managed to re-gain some form in the second half with the help of Cesca McCarthy, who was voted MVB, making some super catches from 3 balls. The Queens unfortunately lost 6-14 but 1 loss out of 6 isn’t so bad!


The Soldiers had a hard meet this time round as they came up against the League 2 leaders, Coventry Silverbacks. Coventry haven’t lost a set all season but the Soldiers were able to grind out a spirited 21-3 loss. One Bee quoted ‘It’s safe to say we’ve never seen a team less happy to win by 18 points’. A credit to the team!
The second match was against EA Valkyries 2nds who were 1 spot above the Soldiers in the table. The soldiers played great and ended up winning 14-10. They showed great team spirit and executed different game plans in two really good performances. Eddie Campbell was voted MVB but it was such a team effort!


The last of the teams to play in the mornings session were the Honey Bees. After a tough start to the league the Honeys had put in a lot of work at training and hoped to get a win at meet 3. The Honeys first match was against EA Valkyries, it was hard fought and the Honeys took a lot of points from a very good team, eventually losing 19 -9. Next up was London Storm 2. The Honeys were fired up and focused. They played some of their best Dodgeball to date, finally winning 19-5, a great result for the ladies! Cath Payne won MVB for some excellent catches!


Moving into the afternoons session we had the Workers and Killer Bees ready to play at League meet 3.

The Workers also had a hard meet, playing Derby Phantoms first. The Workers played well but ended up losing 17-7. Next up they were against Leeds Dodge, again a hard fought match but the Workers lost 19-11. In both matches it was really great to see some players being rewarded by being moved up in the team, with the likes of Adam Hameed and Jack Halpin both playing well. The boys will certainly we back on track in the New Year.

Lastly we have the Bees top men’s team competing in the Super League, the Killer Bees. Please see below a special edition from Killers own, Alex Jones.

After an acceptable but imperfect start of the season, the league 3 fixtures carried extra pressure, with the Killer Bees facing up against both London Storm 1 and 2. With some disappointing draws in the previous weeks the Killers were hunting for wins. Unfortunately at a previous session Matt Wiehl, a consistent performer for the team picked up a gruesome injury to his thumb. He joined Rob Kearns in the injury tent as another big blow to the line-up.
With the team in disarray, the day had come. Rumour had it there was only one man that could turn the fortunes of the team around, the handsome talisman of confidence, competition and success that is Alex Jones (AJ). Our last hope.
The first match was against Storm 2. The Killers had a great start and took an early 6-2 lead. A few mistakes and improvements were identified but quickly fixed. A tame and clinical second half saw the killers win the game comfortably. It was also nice to see Ash S, who’s famous history with the club showered the game in a haze of nostalgia and friendship.
The main event. Killer Bees vs Storm 1. A game riddled with international talent and success. The star-studded game was clearly a highlight of the fixture list! A tense few early sets showed no clear winner with everything up for grabs. The bees clawed their way in front with some amazing team performances. Run-offs seemed to be one of the strongest points of the Bees game with Aden Woodall and AJ battling with famous rapper Ray J for who could hit them first. The bees continued to draw ahead, making copious amount of hits, catches and winning trades. As the second half started the bees faced a scenario they had been in preciously. With flashbacks to draws and tough losses ran through some of the older players minds, the young players were focused on nothing but the win. Storm seemed perplexed, with the quality of throws from the bees, they couldn’t rely on their catches to get an edge. With AJ trading hits like they were Pokémon cards in a playground, Storm could no longer focus on the harrowing cannon of Aden on the other wing. Amazing preparation and coaching form Rob Kearns meant execution was easy for the boys. With every set won, the Bees drew more confident. Led by the roars of loud-mouth AJ, storm couldn’t keep the Bees contained. Strong hits from Diggins, Woodall and Bembridge mixed with crucial catches from Bru, Prestage and a splash of Ross McGuigan and AJ’s all-round brilliance meant the Bees were able to remain physically and mentally the better team.
It was a glorious day from start to finish for the Killer bees with some interesting and difficult team decisions to be made in the New Year. Alex Jones was voted the player of the day by the team, rumour say he may be celebrating by tattooing ‘I told you so’ on his forehead. Well done to the whole team who showed they could get excited and hyped up to win, who showed they still have what it takes to be the best.

A big shout out to our lovely kit sponsors Totus Environmental – At meet 3 we had the chance to show off our new kits!


Leagues – Meet 2 – Engines are firing

Were back at it, the second league meets see’s some of the Bees firing on all cylinders and some navigating hairpins in the road, but alas we all made it to the destination that is St Georges Park.

The Worker Bees opened up this round against Wessex Wolves, who obviously came in hard hitting to which the Workers struggled to get a foothold in the match and eventually ended up losing 16-8.
The next match was against Thunderdodge which turned out to be a tale of two halves. Workers being 12-2 up at half time, found themselves coasting. Whether it be complacency that set in, they had to fight back and were awarded with a win of 15-11.
MVB for Workers for league meet 2 was Patrick Briars, for his ‘class act on and off court’.

The Queen Bees first match was against non other than their own club mates the honey Bees, a ‘der-bee’ if you will.  The Queens came out with a specific game plan which worked to their advantage, despite some great dings from Imy Young, the Queens took the match 22-2.
Up next was the newly promoted Bedford Rangers, who’ve been making quite an impact in the Super league. Once again, the Queen bees went in with a game plan and stuck to it. A hard fought first half saw the Queens retain a slight lead, managing to  lengthen their win by 15-7 .  Queens have won 4 out of 4 matches and hope to cement their name this season. The Queen Bees MVB was Vic, for being generally excellent all day.

The Soldier Bees first match was against Virtue Empire, the game was mixed and the first half the Soldiers play very well , slightly unlucky to go in at half time drawing 6-6. However Virtue changed tactics and manged to get the win 14-8.  A great game from the men but lots to take away.
The last game was against MK Cyclones which was tough however the Soldiers improved on their single/double ball game. They really came together in the second half and built a solid lead and ‘grinding it out perfectly’.  Soldiers had not one, not two but a triple joint MVB with Paul Brunger, Kevin and Dave Streather, which was a testament to how well everyone contributed through out the day.

As mentioned above it was a clash of Bees at this league meet, with the Honeys taking on the Queens. A lot of trash talk from a certain Honey bees player had set the scene. Once on court it was all down to business, the Honeys played well, using some great fakes and catches, despite loosing it was all hugs afterwards.
Not an easy week, the Honeys second match was against the angsty Bedford Eagles.  Not one to play games the Eagles made accurate hits on the Honeys, but not disheartened the Honeys did some great fast play, taking out a solid number of Eagles players. MVB for this league meet was Rose, who made some excellent catches on court in difficult games.

Lastly we have the Killer Bees. They faced their toughest opponents this season in the undefeated Meteors. After two close tournament matches this season, the men went in guns blazing and hopes high. The sets went back and forth, but Meteors edged away eventually winning 16-8. The second match of the day was against Bedford Rangers. Killers looked strong in the first half, but Bedfords catching was on point and brought the scoreline back close. A very intense last game of 2v2 led to an overall draw. Not the result then men hoped for but they’ll be back stronger for the next meet. MVP for Killers was Ross McGuigan with some excellent dodges and fast play.

Here’s the Bees ladies supporting Movember along with two of our male participants –


If you would like to donate to the cause, please visit our page –


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The all new A-Z of Dodgeball! Bees Edition

IT’S BACK! It’s better than ever, it’s the A-Z of Dodgeball!

We first teased you with the A-Z of Dodgeball back in 2017 and we thought it’s been long enough, ladies & gentlemen its the Manchester Bees A-Z (Part 1)

A – AWARDS – Apart from some questionable awards given out on our end of season awards gala, we did stuff this year, including winning ‘Club of the Year’ at Manchester Sports Awards.
B – BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, BEES – You’ve heard it at least once somewhere. No tournament or end of training session would be the same without one…
C – CATCHES – Guess what? They win matches (Bees players are known for making some disgusting takes on the floor of a Dodgeball court)
D – DINGS – Those audacious hits that clip the opponents toes and you just can’t help but shout out with appreciation “What a ding!”
E – EIGHT – At first you might be thinking, eight? But for the first time ever, Bees had eight teams participating at our home open, this included the Killers, Workers, Soldier, Miners, Masons, Queens, Honeys and Ivy Bees (p.s. we’re running out of species!)
F – FLUORESCENT – The Bees kit is considerably brighter than most, almost fluorescent some might say but its great to spot team mates in a crowded hall. 
G – GRIND – A new saying enter the club of ‘grind it out’, not the nicest of sayings but when it’s being shouted at you, you know what you have to do #PestleAndMortar
H – HITS – Whether it’s against the last player standing or the perfect body skimming throw, if you make the hit, it feels good.
I – INJURIES – Like most sports, injuries are part of the package. We’ve had a few incidents this season already, including  one such player falling over their own feet and breaking an arm  (You know who you are!)

Keep an eye out for Part 2, coming to you soon!

Leagues – Meet 1 – A Reputable Start

The morning of the league was cold but the Bees dusted off their stripes and made the long(ish) journey to SGP.

The morning slots consisted of the Killer Bees playing in the Super League and the Worker Bees in Men’s League 1. The Killer Bees first match was against East Anglia Vikings, a very even game with the scores level all the way. It went to a sixty second set, Bees very own, Aden Woodall making a hit on Scotty Whitelaw winning the set and the match. Killers next match was against Leamington Spartans, with “the greatest first  half ever” dubbed by Aden. The Killers were winning 13-3 however Spartans made some tactical changes and fought back to settle for a draw 13-13.

Next up to play was the Workers. Their first match was against MDL Raptors where they took a win of 16-6. It was some of the best performances put on show by the Workers.  Next they were up against Nottingham Sheriffs  2, where Workers took an unprecedented amount of rebound catches, winning 23-5


Then came Saturday Afternoon, the Soldiers, Honeys and Queen Bees swarmed together at the classic Sainsbury carpark, ready for an hour and a half long journey to the quite impressive St George’s Park.

The Soldier Bees first match was against London Storm 3’s, it was hard fought and unfortunately the Bees came away with a loss, although the match showed highlights from Adam Hameed. The next match was against Bedford Eagles 2nd’s the Bees resilient as ever, came back fighting, ending with a draw of 12-12, a great result for the Soldiers.

It was the beginning of the Women’s Super League for both ladies teams and Men’s League 2 respectively. After a solid block of training (with the exception of the Euros) the Bees felt good going into their first matches of the new season. We had a lot of new faces making their debut’s for the Bees at league and they did not let us down, these included;

Amanda King, Christie Abbatt, Emily Walker, Rose Finney, Adam Hameed, Lewis Diggins, Liam Ryder, Femi Adejumobi, Patrick Briars, Michael Bailey, Jack Halpin & Ryan Foster. (Yes, we did do very well in the transfer window 😉)

The Queens first took on East Anglia Valkyries who kept the Queens on their toes in the first half. But the Bees did not waviermaking excellent hits and catches and calls made by Cesca McCarthy, Valkyries led 6-4 at half time. With the Queens not out of the game yet, they rallied together and played out of their skin to win 12-10, even with Fay Woodall and Emily Walker getting sin-binned for a ‘so-called’ late hit on a EA player. Their next match was against Leeds, you might say an ‘nemesis’ as the Queens had lost twice to them in previous opens by one game. It was on! Queens started off well again, trialling by one game at half time. After a strong half-time talk by Coach Woodsy, the girls upped the aggression and took the win comfortably with a score of 16-8.

After being promoted from Women’s League 1 last season, the Honey Bees were looking to make their mark on the Super League. Their first match was against the also newly promoted Bedford Rangers was tough. Bedford came in with a game plan, playing a rather boring single ball game. Despite losing the match the Honey Bees showed signs of what they are capable of, with some excellent timed counters and catches. Their next match was against  a very tough opponents in Nottingham Sheriffs. The ladies played well in the first half, with Imy Young making some fantastic catches alongside Kate Wood and Lucy Collins and some absolute toe dings by Sian Ellis. The ladies may of lost but with some more training behind them for meet 2, they can most certainly become the comeback kids.

FB_IMG_1541787674224 FB_IMG_1541787667432

The Bees will continue with their training over the coming weeks and look forward to the next league meets.

See you next time for more updates!

Bees Blog 🐝

Dodgeball World Cup Preview – the Bees-iest Groups in NYC!

In a few days’ time, the second ever Dodgeball World Cup is kicking (or throwing) off at Madison Square Garden, New York (New York), in the U S of A. And you may have heard, by now, that Dodgeball’s Coming Home…

As previously reported, a number of our incredible Bees have been called up for international duty, with players from our Manchester Hive competing for the Republic of Ireland, ScotlandEngland, Egypt & Northern Ireland.


Now that the World Dodgeball Association (WDA) has announced the group fixtures, we take a look below at the Bees’ international team fixtures, including the Derbees taking place at the tournament’s outset, to assess who shall be Bringing Dodgeball Home for the Manchester Bees.


Group A: Austria, Canada, England, Hong Kong, USA

Group B: Australia, Egypt (Vero Naguii), Malaysia, Singapore, Slovenia

Watch out for…

Group B is undoubtedly a tough draw in the Women’s tournament, but Vero’s incredible dodging and catching skills, as well as those sneaky counters, will look fantastic on the international stage. We can’t wait to see what she brings to the court for Egypt against some incredible international teams!

Vero is ready for the international stage!
Vero is ready for the international stage!


Group A: Canada, England (Aden Woodall), Malaysia, Slovenia, USA

Group B: Australia, Austria, Egypt (Vero Naguii), Hong Kong, Scotland (Ross McGuigan)

Watch out for…

England’s Aden Woodall looks set for a great tournament and with no other Bee-inclusive international teams in the Group, he can focus on saving his bee-snaking ways for the knockouts!

Everyone’s favourite Scottish Pensioner, Ross McGuigan is also flying solo as the only Manchester rep in Group B(ee) of the Mixed tournament.

He's readier...

We can’t wait to find out if we’ll have a Battle of the Bees in the knockouts!


Group A: Australia, Canada, England (Aden Woodall), Northern Ireland (Bru Cousins), USA

Group B: Austria, Egypt, Malaysia, Republic of Ireland (Rob Kearns & Colm Mallon), Singapore

Whilst the Republic of Ireland also get a der-bee free group, in Group A of the men’s group stage is where one of the most interesting der-bees is set to take place – with Bru Cousins’ Northern Ireland set to face off against Aden Woodall’s England.

bru dodge

We certainly can’t wait to see which Bee will come out on top – one thing for sure is that every single Bee stepping up on that international stage is determined that the Bees’ will bring it home!

And we can’t talk about the World Cup Bees without wishing best of luck to all those who became part of the international Bees’ family at the first ever World Cup in April 2016 in our great city. Best of luck in NYC – we hope you love it (almost) as much as Manchester!


Want updates on how our Bees are getting on? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates as the tournament progresses.

Like the idea of getting involved an alternative sport like dodgeball – perhaps with a little less international intensity? Manchester Bees are tailored towards every ability, so you’d like to jump in and join a social sport in the Greater Manchester area, led by qualified coaches (who just so happen to know how to play the some of the best dodgeball in the world). So, if this sounds like your kind of thing, come along to a session and get involved!

World Cup Build Up Part 1: Republic of Ireland & Scotland

Long term friends and followers of the Bees will of course remember when, not so long ago, the first ever World Cup was hosted in our very own city in April 2016. Since then, the sport has gone from strength to strength.

In just two months’ time, the World Cup will be held at the one and only Madison Square Garden, New York (New York).


And what is the most exciting part of the Dodgeball World Cup in New York (New York)? Why, the fact that some of our very own Bees will be there, proudly playing for and coaching their national teams and giving us cause to feel like a very, very proud hive!

This month’s blogs focus on the incredible players who will be making the journey to New York (New York) to represent their country as players and coaches. Bloggy McBlogface has asked those special Bees nine bold, hard-hitting questions to find out their innermost thoughts and feelings about the most important, eagerly anticipated sporting World Cup this year (admittedly, one of them is inspired by Buzzfeed). Unfortunately, some led to slightly boring answers (international dodgeballers can be so professional)… but not one to let down her readers, Bloggy McBlogface has the highlights below.

Profile: Killer Bee & Republic of Ireland Men’s player, ROB KEARNS

He's ready...
He’s ready…

What do you enjoy most about playing/coaching the sport? It matches a hobby of mine – throwing things at people. Previously I was getting into trouble doing this in public to random people.

If you were at this year’s football world cup, what position would you play? Goalie. To be honest, I’m surprised I’ve not had the call up considering the woeful choices they’ve made!

What are you most looking forward to about playing at MSG in this year’s World Cup? It’s not really sunk in yet. Probably the opening ceremony, when I get to see the rest of the opposition standing in MSG.

According to Buzzfeed’s (accuracy guaranteed*) quiz, which sport were you born to play? Baseball!

kearns bf

Anything else you want to say? I know quite a few people coming over to support the Irish team, me and some fellow Bees – it means a lot, so thanks to those coming along!

Profile: Killer Bee & Scotland Mixed Player, ROSS McGUIGAN

He's readier...
He’s readier…

How long have you been playing dodgeball? 9 years. Some say I was playing before time began…

What’s your favourite thing about playing/coaching the sport? The pace of the game – other sports you might get the change to relax, but it’s a continuous adrenaline rush in dodgeball!

According to Buzzfeed’s (accuracy guaranteed*) quiz, which sport were you born to play? Track & Field!

ross bf

What are you most looking forward about this year’s DWC? Playing at MSG and seeing the progression the sport has made with it becoming a huge spectacle! And seeing a few old pals who are heading there too…

Profile: Killer Bee & Republic of Ireland Men’s Player, COLM MALLON

he's readiest...
he’s readiest…

What’s your favourite thing about playing/coaching the sport? It’s such a cliche, but I have to say the community, and everyone who’s part of it.

If you were going to play any sport besides dodgeball, what would it be? Basketball – I played for 8 years before uni.

According to Buzzfeed’s (accuracy guaranteed*) quiz, which sport were you born to play? Golf!

colm bf

What are you most looking forward about this year’s DWC? Playing in MSG! I’ve wanted to go ever since I was a kid so it’s really surreal that I won’t just be going – I’ll actually get to play there!


Enjoying our World Cup Build Up? Check back soon for our write up on featured players &  coaches who will be proudly representing England, Northern Ireland & Egypt in August!  You can also keep up to date via FacebookTwitter Instagram feeds!

Like the idea of representing your country at the best sport there is? Take the first step under the guidance of National, European and World Champion players, who happen to also be part of Manchester Bees Dodgeball’s incredible coaching team.  Find out more about our all-comers sessions and come and give it a go at one of our summer sessions!

(*Accuracy definitely not guaranteed.)

The Youth of Today… the Future of Dodgeball!

It’s official: the 2017/18 dodgeball season is upon us. And now that we’ve  caught up with our grown-up Bees’ progress, it’s time to cross over to see what’s going on with the best that the future of dodgeball, has got to offer!

Manchester Bees Dodgeball Academy

The newly formed Mr Dodgeball/Bees academy, open to anyone aged 14-16, is now up and running. The sessions are suitable for all abilities and take place from 7-8pm at St Anne’s High School in Stockport, on Wednesdays – for more information, visit the Bees Academy facebook page!

the Bees' Academy sessions are now well underway!
the Bees’ Academy sessions are now well underway!

The sessions are coached by qualified coaches Sam Wrench and Colm Mallon and take place 7-8 at St Annes High School in Stockport.

Mr Dodgeball and his Junior Bees

Mr Dodgeball’s Junior clubs’ coaching team, Helen Slater, Sam Wrench, George Howard, Victoria Foster, and Chris Riley have been working hard to provide fun, innovative sessions to all young players.

Coaches Chris and Victoria alongside this season's first tournament winners!
Coaches Chris and Victoria alongside this season’s first tournament winners!

Regular sessions have restarted and the uptake, as always, has been fantastic – with both returning players and also lots of new players getting involved.

Weekly sessions

Mr Dodgeball runs weekly sessions at a variety of locations for teams, including the Horwich Heat, Heaton Hurricanes, Altrincham Dodgers, Avondale Avalanche, Handforth Hawks, and new club the Burnage Bruins.

For more information on weekly sessions, visit Mr Dodgeball’s website!


Mr Dodgeball has monthly tournaments running from October 2017 until July 2018, with support and additional coaching provided by Manchester Bees’ Players – and sometimes with very special, surprise guests!

Bumble the Bee making a very special surprise appearance at one of last season's final Junior Tournaments, alongside Bath Spartan's James Robinson and Bees' very own Sam Wench
Some of last season’s special Guests: Bumble the Bee, Bath Spartan’s James Robinson and Manchester Bees’ very own Sam Wench!

Representative teams

Mr Dodgeball will be entering teams into British Dodgeball’s Junior Tournaments thisseason!

Players will be selected from Mr Dodgeball’s community clubs in the under 11 and under 13 categories, to play for Mr Dodgeball’s Junior Bees team.

At this year’s inaugural Season Open in Leicester in September, the Junior Bees were runners-up in both categories, having played to a brilliant level throughout the day!


Thinking about getting involved? Manchester Bees cater for all ages – Mr Dodgeball’s junior sessions for ages 6-13; the Manchester Bees Dodgeball Academy for ages 14-16; and Manchester Bees Dodgeball for adult players!

Glitter, Glory & Girl Power: A Tale of Two Teams

For the first time ever, in this 2016/17 season, the Manchester Bees had not one, but two women’s teams.

Whilst the Queen Bees had been established some time ago, this year, the Queens took the crown as the club’s women’s first team, setting a prime example to the club’s newly founded ‘Honey Bees’ second team. Both teams competed in the Women’s National League 1 North.

At the end of March, we recapped the Queens’ and Honeys’ favourite moments so far and now, with league wrapped up for the season, we relive some of the ladies’ best moments of their most successful season yet.

Racing for the run-off: The Queen Bees start the game in great style
Racing for the run-off: The Queen Bees start the game in style

The Bees’ first meet was an undoubted success, with both teams unbeaten at the end of the day. What a way to start the show!

The Queen and Honey Bees celebrate a full house of wins at League Meet 1
The Queen and Honey Bees celebrate a full house of wins at League Meet 1

At meet two, the league saw its first der-bee, with Queen’s snatching and catching their way to a win against the Honeys. Final score, 8-6.

Catches win matches: Queen Bee and general #BNID Suzanne Vickers shows us how it's done.
Catches win matches: Queen Bee and general #BNID Suzanne Vickers shows us how it’s done.

Not down for long, the Honeys bounced back in no time, securing a hard-fought and well-earned 9-5 win over the Queens in the next der-bee during the fifth league meet of the season.

With both teams performing consistently against the other WNL1 North competitors, the Bees swarmed at the top of the table from meet one, throughout the season.

The league finale saw the Honeys battling valiantly onwards, unfortunately a player down, but never to be underestimated. Only the Queens managed a clean sweep against the Honey Bees this season in their final der-bee, showing their experience and capitalising on their one-player advantage, securing a 14-0 victory.

From a total of 21 matches,  the Honeys’ loss to Queens marked only their fourth – and final – defeat of the entire league. A good premiere for the newbees!

Plaits, Ribbons, Glitter: Honey Bees Alex and Laura (C) know how to do a girly pre-league ritual!
Plaits, Ribbons, Glitter: Honey Bees Alex and Captain Laura know how to do a girly pre-league ritual!

The best bits about this season? To name but a few: the road trips to Sheffield & back, the girly pre-game team glitter and hair-plaiting rituals, the camaraderie between teams and club and team spirit, the cheer-bee-ders showing support at the sidelines of each other’s games, as much and as often as possible.

Defeated only twice throughout the season, the Queen Bees ended the final league meet crowned this year’s WNL1 North Champions. Not ones to leave empty handed, the Honey Bees were presented their well-deserved Runner Up medals. Not bad for the first attempt, eh? The ladies’ first year with two teams and first time for a #Bees1and2. I think we’ll call that a success.

It must bee love: Queen Bee (and general #BNID) Suzanne Vickers and Honey Bee Kate Wood
It must bee love: Queen Bee (and general #BNID) Suzanne Vickers and Honey Bee Kate Wood

So what about next year? The Queens will face the challenges of the DPL for the first time, and the Honeys will strive to double their collection of silverware in WNL1 North. How will they fare? Time will tell. One thing for sure is, the Bees will have fun every step of the way.

Feel like getting involved? The Bees are always looking for more members. Whether you want to get involved for the socials, fitness or competition, Manchester Bees Dodgeball have something for everyone. Our all-comers sessions run on Tuesdays, 8-9.30pm at Manchester Academy School, M14 4PX. Why not come along and have a go?!