New Season Open…or as we prefer to call it, the warm up

And so it begins….

With an new season upon us, the swarm were ready to descend on Derby arena, the first open of the new season. Armed with very little training after a relaxing summer of fun social sessions, we headed into the competition with 5 teams, the Killers, Workers, Soldiers, Honey’s and Queen Bees. With old and new players alike we decided to mix it up.

First up were the workers, despite going down a player before the open even started. (Alex Jones’ train curiously breaking down, or was it just one too many jagerbombs the night before?) They rallied together as a team, giving the eventual men’s winners Vikings a very close run, loosing  10-6.


The Queens also had an exciting time at the Open, playing excellently against Leeds Dodge. The introduction of a new team to British Dodgeball, the Burton Bears competed valiantly, massive shout out to Molly who made a game changing catch as the last player in. Finally they moved on to play Bedford, showing signs of whats to come.

Next up was the turn of the Killers. May this be the new and improved team? Maybe not, with Matt committing to a suicide in a 3 on 1 game…and missing, leading to a loss…In other news they fought well against Thunderdodge, taking them to a last set and took a great win over Derby.

The Honeys started off well, playing a close game against Derby Phantoms, unfortunately there was always going to be a ‘village’ moment and that came at half time when they realized they had somehow had a game ‘misplaced’ which lead to a draw….In other games they played fantastic against Sheriffs, ending 7-5 and a valiant effort against Beagles.

Lastly we had the Soldiers kick off their open with great play, coming back in not one, not two but three second halves, winning against London Storm 2 (0-6 to 8-6), super league side Bedford Rangers (2-8 to 10-8) and drawing with Sheriffs.

Ross the perfect block

We would also like to say a massive thank you to honorary Bee, Mikey for all his support and well played in the juniors tournament.

Congratulations to all the players of the day!

Queens – Molly Bailey
Honeys – Helena Law
Soldier – Liam Ryder
Workers – Lewis Diggins
Killers – Michael Bailey

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What Happened: Manchester Bees’ Awards Night 2018

2018 saw the Bees celebrate our 5th year anniversary as a club. As the end of the season approached, the Manchester Bees Awards Gala was upon us once more! An evening of seriously timely admin, a music video, awards (both serious and shanterous), hot pots and a few drinks ensued. Here’s how the evening went down…

bees 1

We began with the most efficient Annual General Meeting in Ross McGuigan’s extensive living memory. Tom Shelbrooke conducted each member of the committee to give an update on the year, with ruthless speed and precision. Big congratulations to Ross who was reappointed as Development Officer (despite talking for longer than his allotted 30 seconds) and Lucy Collins who has become women’s coach!


Here’s to Shelly lasting 17 minutes and calling it ‘extremely quick’…

We quickly moved onto the premier of Manchester Bees’ World Cup 2018 promo video – ‘One Bee on a Shirt’. A huge thanks to Aden, David, Elliot, Liam, Ross and everyone else who helped out and allowed themselves to be immortalised on camera. Check out the video on Youtube and let us know what your favourite part is on our Facebook page!


Next, everyone headed outside in their finery for photos. Highlights included Barker and Maccers taking the cutest couple photo of 2018, and Cesca, Barker and Dave gatecrashing the Killers squad photo. I think I speak for all the Bees when I say serious selection questions were raised when a Queen Bee, a Solider Bee and a borderline cripple were all that remained of the Killers at the English Championship. Back inside we went for hot pot…


Or not. Hot pot delayed and Belgium were beating Brazil – the evening was saved! As Aden prepared to do the rest of the evening to an empty room, everyone was prized away from the football and back in for the Buzzies. The Buzzies were, in Aden’s words ‘the best he’s ever done’. And while too many to go through in detail, there were some crackers. Highlights included:

  • Best grind: Ewan Ellis
  • Throw Alone Hero: Aden Woodall
  • Best Catch: Vic ‘triple catch’ Hind
  • Carer award: Mike and Hubes (RIP sober Helena)
  • Unsung Hero: Zac Baker


To dinner! Or not (again.) Sadly, there was an issue with the kitchen and as rumours that Barker had simply broken in during the photos and eaten hot pot for 30, we pressed on! First we wished all the international Bees congratulations and good luck to everyone competing at the World Cup in New York! Suzanne and Ross then drew the most extensive raffle seen by men. Rumours were there are still a pair of VR goggles and a token for ‘5 back-rubs by Huband’ up for grabs…

We then started the proper awards for the night before – wait for it – DINNER (pause for fanfare and general not starving to death.) A combination of incredible hunger and Aden saying we only had 10 minutes to eat meant that dinner disappeared quicker than Andy Lowther gets antagonised to violence.


We then continued with the rest of the awards – a massive congratulations to our worthy winners:

  • MVBs: Alex Bembridge, Adam Badley, Paul Brunger, Lucy Collins and Alex Charlton
  • Best newcomer: Cath Payne
  • Most improved: Colm Mallon and Liv Davis
  • Player’s player: Matt Wiehl and Cesca McCarthy
  • Coach of the year: Helena Law

Last, but certainly not least we had the committee awards. The committee do a huge amount for the club every day and we would like to offer everyone a massive thank you for everything they do. Special thanks goes to Ross, our committee member of the year! We would all also like to thank Aden for his years of service. Manchester Bees wouldn’t be the club it is today without all of Aden’s tireless work, and the committee would like to thank him for everything. The club marked the occasion by giving him a picture frame of Bees memories from 2017/18 and adopting a snake in his name. Name TBC.


Finally, we ended the evening with a little wiggle in the function room before chariots to Revolution in Deansgate. I won’t go into much detail, but let’s just say 30 degrees, full suits and serious, serious shapes do not mix. Still, at least Vic pulled… off some incredible moves on the dance floor!

What a night, thanks to everyone involved in organising! Barkles you are wonderful human beings and the Bees look forward to seeing who eventually fills Barker’s size 3 shoes!

ROLL ON NEXT SEASON. Want to get involved? See our session info here and check it out before the new season starts!

World Cup Build Up Part 2 – England, Egypt & Northern Ireland!


Haven’t you heard?! This year’s biggest World Cup sporting event kicks off soon in New York (New York) and we are here, oh-wise-readers, to continue our write up of our smashing Bees who are making the trip across the pond to play and coach for their respective countries!

Bloggy McBlogface asked those special Bees nine bold, hard-hitting questions to find out their innermost thoughts and feelings about the most important, eagerly anticipated sporting World Cup this year (admittedly, one of them is inspired by Buzzfeed). Unfortunately, some led to slightly boring answers (international dodgeballers can be soprofessional)… but not one to let down her readers, Bloggy McBlogface has the highlights below.

Profile: Worker Bee & England Women’s Development Coach, SAM WENCH

sam dodge

How long have you been playing dodgeball? 5 years – I played for MUDS first, before Bees.

What’s your favourite thing about playing/coaching the sport? I just love the community and the atmosphere. As far as coaching goes, there’s nothing better than watching a player grow in confidence and ability.

If you were at this year’s football world cup, what position would you play? Bench warmer.

According to Buzzfeed’s (accuracy guaranteed*) quiz, which sport were you born to play? Tennis!


What are you most looking forward about this year’s DWC? Seeing pals from around the world!

Profile: Killer Bee, Head Coach & Northern Ireland Men’s Player, BRU COUSINS

bru dodge

What’s your favourite thing about playing/coaching the sport?  For playing, it’s winning with a good hit or catch. For coaching, it’s seeing a player put a skill or tactic to use in a game that you have taught them.

According to Buzzfeed’s (accuracy guaranteed*) quiz, which sport were you born to play? Poledancing!
(Editor’s note – no photograph was provided to verify this answer)

If you were to play/coach another sport at international level, which would you choose? Football

What are you most looking forward to most about DWC 2018? Playing with my team. Up the knights!

Tell us an unknown fact about your (national) team. The current Manager and Captain are extras on Game of Thrones!

Profile: Killer Bee & England Men’s & Mixed Player, ADEN WOODALL

aden dodge

What’s your favourite thing about playing/coaching the sport? The speed and excitement, the way games can swing around in one awesome play and building a community with the people that play!

Which country are you most looking forward to facing (from the DWC 2018 Group stage)? Malaysia, they have such an energetic style and crazy dodges!

Tell us an unknown fact about your (national) team. We hate beetroot. Don’t ask.

Now, according to Buzzfeed’s (accuracy guaranteed*) quiz, which sport were you ACTUALLY born to play? Hockey!

aden buzzfeed

Anything else you care to mention? My fellow clubmate/national team arch-nemesis Ross McGuigan will have some Bees merch with him in New York so collar him if you want something from the BEST DODGEBALL CLUB IN THE WORLD!

Profile: Honey Bee & Egypt Women’s Player, VERONIA NAGUII

she's ready!
she’s ready!

How long have you been playing dodgeball? A long time – 6 years!

What’s your favourite thing about playing/coaching the sport?  I just love that feeling when I play well with the team – especially when I do a great dodge and go for the right catches!

f you were to play/coach another sport at international level, which would you choose? Football!

According to Buzzfeed’s (accuracy guaranteed*) quiz, which sport were you born to play?  Football!

vero buzzfeed

Enjoying our World Cup Build Up? Check out our write up on those who will be proudly representing Scotland & the Republic of Ireland!  You can also keep up to date with the Bees’ antics over the Atlantic via our FacebookTwitter Instagram feeds!

Like the idea of representing your country at the best sport there is? Take the first step under the guidance of National, European and (current!) World Champion players, who happen to also be part of Manchester Bees Dodgeball’s incredible coaching team.  Find out more about our all-comers sessions and come and give it a go at one of our summer sessions!

(*Accuracy definitely not guaranteed.)

The Big Weekend: British Dodgeball’s 17/18 League Finale

The Big Finale has arrived – this weekend is British Dodgeball’s last league meet of the season!

The fixture for ‘League Meet 6’ (also known as ‘League Meet 3′, for Women’s League 1) which was postponed until tomorrow, 19 May 2018, due to the bad weather earlier this year, is set to be an exciting finale to a brilliant season.

British Dodgeball launched their first league season with every meet (in every league) at England football’s official training ground, St George’s Park. What a venue – and what a season!

Read on for a summary of our teams’ performances so far as well as their remaining fixtures, MVBs (Most Valuable Bees) from previous meets – who epitomise the Bees’ unofficial motto; “there’s no ‘i’ in team – but there are five in individual brilliance“.

Killer Bees – Men’s Super League

The Killer Bees’ season has included highs and lows, with incredible individual performances and injuries both affecting the team’s rankings. Currently ranked 7th in the table, the Killers aren’t likely to take any silverware home from this season’s league, but have a strong place in the Super League for next season.

Killer smiles all round!
Killer smiles all round!

MVBs: Bru Cousins, Colm Mallon, Elliot Barker, Rob Kearns,

Remaining Fixtures: London Storm & Leeds Owls

Queen Bees – Women’s Super League

The Queen Bees have held their own in their Super League Debut, facing up against many impressive teams. Their sheer determination, motivation and unquestionable encouragement of each other has led to some truly impressive performances. Currently ranked 6th, the Queens are sitting tight in middle of the table, ready to build on their performances next season.

The Queen-Team
The Queen-Team

MVBs: Cesca McCarthy, Helena Law, Sian Ellis, Lucy Collins, Imy Jean, Victoria Hind

Remaining Fixtures: Wessex Wolves & Lutterworth Meteors

Worker Bees – Men’s League 1 

The Workers have worked it this season, having narrowly avoided demotion last season. With dedicated workers’ coach Elliot Barker accompanying the lads to their morning meets, there have been many impressive performances from all players. Making the Bees and our #Beetalia family proud, the Workers have been grinding out wins with their #InspiredByPesto performances. The Workers look to be in a great position for next season with finish in the top half of the table, (currently ranked 5th) and, with two points between fifth place and second place, are still in with a shout for promotion to the Super League!

next season's team target: work the camera as well as the Court!
next season’s Workers team target: work the camera as much as the Court!

MVBs: Andy Lowther, Elliot Barker, Ben Watkin, Alex Huband

Remaining Fixtures: East Anglia Vikings 2; Nottingham Sheriffs 2

Honey Bees – Women’s League 1

The Honeys have had another strong year at league and are set to bring in a second set of silver medals, to add to last year’s silvers. The only team to defeat league champions Bedford Rangers, the Honeys are very proud to have secured promotion into the Super League for next season!

Why so serious?
Why so serious?

MVBs: Hannah Ward, Laura Gill, Cath Payne, Alex Charlton,

Remaining Fixtures: Derby Phantoms & Nottingham Sheriffs 2

The Aftermath…

A big shout out to the most important team of all Bees teams, #TeamCharkles, for organising what we will be a top notch social at Lola Lo to celebrate another great league of dodgeball. The Bees will be out in all their glory on Saturday night in Manchester for another night to remember. 4am reservation at Manchester’s finest McEatery, anyone?!

Finally, a big thank you to British Dodgeball for a great league season – here’s to going even bigger and better for 18/19!

Good luck to each of our league teams this weekend – to get live updates on their performance, keep up to date via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds! Interested in getting involved for next season? Find out more about our all-comers sessions and come and give it a go!

Do Bees Hibernate? The Spring Update

It’s been a long, cold winter. There’s been snow, there’s been rain. It’s been bleak. BUT – there’s also been lots of dodgeball! And we are the Manchester Bees, not the Manchester Bears… despite some quiet months on the blogging front, the bees have been as active as ever – there’s been no hibernation going on here!

This week’s blog is a summary of the biggest Bees news from 2018 so far. So get comfy, because (contrary to the winter weather) there’s never a dull moment at Manchester Bees!

Farewell to E&E, Hello to #TeamCharkles!

Flan appreciates her new-found freedom after years of service in the name of all things Bees Social Secretary
Flan appreciates her new-found freedom after years of service in the name of all things Bees Social

With Bees Legend Emily ‘Flan’ Flanagan stepping down as social secretary and after a tough application and interview process, Cesca McCarthy was appointed as Social Secretary to compliment (i.e. provide damage limitation for) Elliot Barker’s social schemes. The  dynamic duo, now known as #Charkles, are settling in great and if March’s fantastic Scavenger Hunt is anything to go by,  this year’s socials calendar are looking as good as ever for the Bees!

Manchester Community Cup

On 25 March, the Bees’ hosted the Easter Community Cup. With a number of local teams including youth and teen teams participating, a fantastic raffle and DJ Barkles blasting the tunes, the day was a huge success and lots of fun was had by all.

another great community event hosted by the Bees!
another great community event hosted by the Bees!

Manchester Bees are very proud to be part of the North West’s blossoming dodgeball community and always happy to offer guidance and advice to developing clubs, as well as lots of hosting lots of joint events and socials! If you have any questions or would like any advice for your club, check out our club resources or feel free to get in touch with the club!

The Big League Lock-In!

The Killer Bees, Queen Bees, Worker Bees and Honey Bees have continued their hard work in their British Dodgeball Leagues over at England FC’s official training ground, St George’s Park.

wise words on the wall over at British Dodgeball's league venue, St George's Park
the writing’s on the wall over at British Dodgeball’s league venue, St George’s Park

With teams now locked in and the final league meets taking place this month, it’s looking like the Bees will have had another good season all round!

Farewell to the one and only Jonny “JD” Daggett (for now!)

Mr Jonny Daggett, treasured treasurer of the Bees, stepped down in April after 4 years’ very hard and very wonderful work for the club. Jonny’s hard work and management of the club’s finances has placed, and kept, the Bees in very good stead (and stopped Aden from many an unwise purchase…) The Bees are under no illusion that JD has played a critical role in the club’s succcess over recent years – so thanks JD, we wouldn’t be here without you!

JD getting literally as far away as possible from the Bees' cash box... #ThanksJD
JD getting literally as far away as possible from the Bees’ cash box… #ThanksJD

“But”, I hear you cry, “how could you possibly even begin to replace Jonny Daggett?” Alas, fear not. For, recognising that no other could fill JD’s boots, the Bees found not one but three able-minded members who, between them, can (probably) manage the task (almost) as flawlessly as JD did.

So, without any further ado, welcome to the financial fold, Andy Lowther, Liam McMahon & Zac Baker!

Honourable mentions…

There have been too many goings on since the new year to mention everything, so some extra special honourable mentions go to:

  • Helena Law, Suzanne Vickers & Sian Ellis for being selected as three of British Dodgeball’s Inspirational Women in Dodgeball
  • The unknown hero who handed Killer Bee & Coach Bru’s keys in at Sainsbury’s Fallowfield after he left his keys in his car door before heading off to league… oops! Thank you, unknown hero!
  • The Queen and Honey Bees for their wonderful 1-2 finish at April’s Manchester Tournament
  • The Killer Bees for winning March’s Nottingham Open with another great performance
  • Zoe Rees and sister Seren for some incredible baking skills which kept the Bees going at the last league meet
  • Zac Baker for refusing to let the mug market defeat him (it’s still a sham though!)
  • David Streather, for drunk-purchasing a green screen (lol) and putting it to such good use!

Like the idea of getting involved with all this fun & fitness? Our All-Comers sessions are Thursdays from 8pm – find out more on our website!

You can get in touch and keep up to date with the Bees’ day to day antics over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and don’t forget to check back soon for the Bees’ build-up to this season’s league finale!

Progress Report: 2018, Already?! Our December Update

Now that we are officially over a week into 2018, it’s time to look back, for the final time, at the Hive’s happenings in 2017.

As well as continued antics on the Bees’ new Snapchat feed (join the fun – @mancbeesdodge) the Bees had a busy month in the run up to our Christmas break, with both socials and league to keep us busy!

Don't have the Bees on Snapchat yet? You're missing out on gems like this...
Don’t have the Bees on Snapchat yet? You’re missing out on gems like this…

On 10 December, the Bees hosted the Manchester Community Christmas Cup at the Active Lifestyle centre. With mini-tournaments for the ladies, gents and juniors, as well as a few totally mixed mini-tournaments, the day was great fun and enjoyed by all, especially with lots of amazing dodgeball talent on show!

A great day of festive fun and impressive dodgeball at this year's Community Christmas Cup!
A great day of festive fun and impressive dodgeball at this year’s Community Christmas Cup!

Next up, on Friday 15 December the Bees Christmas party took place, with tapas followed by an incredible evening at Ultimate Power Christmas! The Bees enjoyed gettin’ down to some absolute classic jams, fully armed with Bees’ Secret Shanta gifts and some, unsurprisingly having had a festive tipple!

Bees Maccers and Colm revelling in Ultimate Power's Christmas ballads!
Bees Maccers and Colm revelling in Ultimate Power’s Christmas ballads!

After a much needed rest on Saturday, on Sunday 17 December all four league teams travelled to St George’s Park for league – the Worker Bees were first to take to the court and, following a defeat to Hinckley, battled back against Derby Phantoms,  coming back from 8-0 down to take the match 10-8!

The Honey Bees were also in action for the first meet of the season for Women’s league 1 and, after an initial defeat against an impressive Bedford  Rangers team, walked away victorious in their second game over Nottingham Sheriffs 2!

the Honey Bees swarm for a team photo after their first League meet of the season!
the Honey Bees swarm for a team photo after their first League meet of the season!

After a more frustrating afternoon for the Queen and Killer Bees at Superleague, an impromptu social / debrief was held at local eatery Table-Table, with all players ready for a well earned Christmas break and plenty to build into the Bees’ new year resolutions!

Looking ahead in 2018, the Killers, Queens and Workers were all in action this weekend and our next Men’s and Women’s’ socials due to be held in mid-January.

Training is set to resume after our Christmas Break with our regular All-Comers session on Tuesday 9 January 2018 at Manchester Academy School, M14 4PX. It’s the perfect time to put those New Year resolutions into play, whether it’s to get fit, get out more and meet new people, or to try something a bit different – the Bees tick all boxes!

With exciting venue and timing changes upcoming, keep an eye out on the session info section of our website and our Facebook page for the most up to date details on our All-comers and members sessions.

Don’t be a Twit! Bees’ Social Media Update

Manchester Bees Dodgeball are serious about social media. With Facebook social pages & members groups, as well as Instagram, Snapchat (@mancbeesdodge) and LinkedIn pages, it’s no surprise that we’re also on Twitter!

We at Manchester Bees feel that Twitter is often the perfect place to document the day-to-day goings on with the club and our members – so in case you don’t already follow us, here’s a few nuggets to show you what you’re missing…


This series does what it says on the tin: whether at training, league, committee meetings or socials, a good hearty quote without context, offers perfect insight into the shenanigans of the Bees’, from the pure nonsense…

…to the most historic sudden and unexpected anouncements…

…the downright strange…

…and the honestly, pretty obvious…


He does love Twitter, does Trump – probably even a little more than Manchester Bees! And with facial expressions like his, it’s fairly easy to document your every emotion in terms of Trump memes…

What’s more…

Now that the even more social media elves over at Manchester Bees have been given access to the Bees’ twitter account (a risky move, indeed…) there will be lots of up & coming series’ and topics of conversation – from #ToSnakeOrNotToSnake dilemmas, #WhatWouldSuzyDo scenarios and other excellent content coming your way, so make sure to check back for our (soon to be legendary) contributions to the Twittersphere!

Want to contribute to our twitter series’? Follow and tag @ManchesterBees along with your hashtags of choice!

For now, we leave you with a realistic prediction of the scenes at tonight’s Christmas Party (not that we’re excited or anything)!

It’s pretty clear to see, whilst we’re a competitive club, we also have a pretty strong focus on having lots of fun and social nonsense. Like the sound of joining the club? Our All-comers sessions are on Tuesdays from 8-9.30pm at Manchester Academy, M14 4PX – come along and give it a go!


Progress Report: The November Update

The year really has flown by and now we’ve hit December, it’s time to look back over the last few weeks at the Bees’ highlights for November.

Manchester Bees Academy


The Manchester Bees Academy is in still full swing with members training every Wednesday under the watchful eye of coach Sam Wench.  Feedback is good and the Academy’s regular members are developing quite the tactical mind, as well as dodgeball skillset. Now developing their competitive edge, we can’t see how they get along in tournaments and friendlies lined up to take place over the coming weeks and months!

Stafford Open

The Stafford Open took place on 18 November and the Honey and Queen Bees took part in some fierce competition. Suzanne Vickers, Dodge-coach and regular Queen Bee, also attended but rather than getting bees’y, Suzie-V played with fellow Northern Irish players, for Belfast United – and took home the silver after a fantastic day’s competition!

Belfast United’s own Suzie-V poses for a post-tournament photo with the Queen Bees!

The Queen Bees and Honey Bees came first and second, respectively, in the Plate Cup at the tournament… and the real highlight? The historical moment? Achievement of a lifetime? It can only be one thing. The now infamous moment that the one and only Vic Hind made a legendary TRIPLE CATCH versus ‘Storfs’, the Storm / Sheriffs 1 super-team.

That legendary catch, along with so much other incredible play from all Honey Bees, led to eventual winners Storfs’ only defeat of the day. Incredible.

The Woman, the Myth, the Legend: Vic Hind
The Woman, the Myth, the Legend: Vic Hind

League Update

The following week, the Killers, Queens and Workers were back in action at League on 25 November 2017.  All three teams are competing valiantly in their respective leagues, with Honey Bees ready to join the fray at Women’s League 1 , which kicks off later in December.

Bees’ Community Update

A huge thank you to all from the dodgeball community who donated their coats in support of the #WrapUpManchester campaign towards the end of the month. The coats formed part of a 51-stong donation organised by one of the Bees, which will be a huge help in keeping the city’s homeless warm over winter.

London Storm show their laces in support of inclusivity in sport
London Storm show their rainbow laces in support of inclusivity in sport

Finally, a massive shout-out to our friends down at London Storm, for participating in a wonderfully worthwhile cause; Rainbow Laces Day. Find out more about the Rainbow Laces Movement and sign up to show your support here.

Like the idea of joining a community club, whether to show off your competitive edge or support some wonderful causes and make some friends in the dodgeball community? Our All-comers sessions run on Tuesdays, from 8 – 9.30 at Manchester Academy School, M14 4PX. Be sure to check our facebook page for details of our training break at Christmas!

Progress Report: October kept us Beesy!

October has been a tremendously exciting month for all things Dodgeball in Manchester – we said it last month but it’s clear, there’s never a dull moment at Manchester Bees Dodgeball!

A Dodgey Donation

At the start of the month, the Bees donated recently retired dodgeballs to Salford City Academy, to be used at their weekly after school dodgeball club. The students were delighted with their new dodgeballs and the Bees were delighted to help!

Salford City Academy show off their new dodgeballs on instagram!
Salford City Academy show off their new dodgeballs on instagram!

The Manchester Open

On 15 October, the Manchester Bees played host to British Dodgeball’s first Manchester Open. The Open was a huge success, with FIVE women’s teams entering from the Greater Manchester area – and the Queen and Killer Bees both finished in second place, narrowly missing out on Gold against superb London Storm!

Did someone say #GirlPower?!
Did someone say #GirlPower?!

Later that day, the Bees also hosted a tremendous after-party in town for those who’d made the journey to Manchester. It was a fantastic evening which showed the spirit of the sport – competitive but full of sportsmanship!

Could our Dodgeball 'Joeys' BE wearing any more clothes?!
Could our Dodgeball ‘Joeys’ BE wearing any more clothes?!

A big shout out to Barkles and Flan for arranging such a superb evening of fun and games (not to mention the dancing…) enjoyed by all!

A Super start at Superleague!

The Queen Bees know how to make an entrance – only a week after taking silver at the Manchester Open, the ladies played in their first ever Superleague Meet – and won two out of two games!

The Queen Bees’ showing off their bling after the Manchester Open

Honey Bee #Goals

In their first two opens of the season, the Manchester Open and a week later at the Yorkshire Open, the Honey Bees have not once but twice smashed one of their team’s season targets, by reaching the knockout stage of an Open Tournament!

If team performance is any indication, the Honeys are looking good for League this season!

Bees do Halloween

Halloween fell on the eve of our All-Comers session this year, so the Bees dressed accordingly and rather than a truly terrifying fitness session, chose to have lots of fun dodgeball games, with spooktactular prizes on offer!

Special shout-out to our fancily-dressed dodgers!

Committee update

This month we welcomed two fantastic new additions to the committee: Events Manager, Rafal Shawkat; and Sponsorship Manager, Alex Huband.  With the club going from strength to strength, we are very excited to welcome the two enthusiastic dodgeballers on board!

That’s almost it for this month – we leave you with a true demonstration of two of our blissfully happy Bees, Streather and Storey, in their natural Habitat: enjoying top class food and sharing a moment of love and appreciation for their complementary (and very exclusive) Very Special Hats at a local eatery here in Manchester.

videotogif_2017.11.01_22.02.44 (1)

Would you like to join us for sports and/or socials – perhaps even earning yourself a complementary (and very special Hat) from McDonalds’ Eatery at a traditional 5am Bees’ family supper? The first step is by coming along to an All-Comers session, which take place every Tuesday, 8-9.30pm at Manchester Academy School M14 4PX.

Progress Report: The October Update

It’s October. The long-awaited 2017/18 dodgeball season has begun. Balls have flown. Bees have buzzed. New Season Opens have opened… well, the new season actually. How very apt.

Up here in Manchester, the Hive is as active as ever. Following the New Season Open, the Bees held their first ever Training Camp, complete with team-building, tactic talks and a marathon training session.

Training Camp in full swing!
Bees’ Training Camp in full swing!

Those who felt so inclined were rewarded after Training Camp with the season’s first official social; pizza and drinks followed by more drinks and dancing in the city centre. The social was drawn to a close with a civilised sit down meal at local eatery McDonalds, where one half of dynamic social duo ‘FlanEl’ (AKA E&E) had shown wonderful foresight and reserved a table in the restaurant’s VIP area, meaning complementary hats were provided alongside the various delicacies on offer. Great stuff.

And what of our NewBees, now official members of the Hive and enjoying their maiden voyages to Opens and Bees’ Socials?

Colm, pictured here in action for RoI, is already feeling the Buzz of the Bees!
Colm, pictured here in action for RoI, is already feeling the Buzz of the Bees!

Enjoying his first year with full Bees’ membership having graduated from student-member status last year, Republic of Ireland’s Colm Mallon says, “I’ve had a great time since joining Bees this season. They have welcomed me with open arms and it’s been a pleasure playing with them. Tournaments are just like a big day out playing dodgeball with mates – isn’t that all you could ask for?!

Last (and probably worth a mention, we suppose), is the shock announcement earlier this week by Dodgeball’s Governing Body, British Dodgeball. The one and only, Ross McGuigan, has (somehow) been entrusted with the role of ‘British Dodgeball Ambassador’.

Ambassador McGoogs Photo Credit: Adam Dodd,
Ambassador McGoogs
Photo Credit: Adam Dodd,

A very reliable and trustworthy source quotes McGoogs’ response to the news, “I feel truly honoured to be selected as an Ambassador for British Dodgeball. People may think that being third choice for the role would make it less special, but it really doesn’t. Some people even see me as a dinosaur of dodgeball but I’m really looking forward to help the game move forward and develop through my autumn years”.  Wow.

So, September has offered a great sample of the club’s antics at the launch of this season, but now we are on to October. With the Manchester Open and Bees hosting the Official British Dodgeball Afterparty on 14 October, there is certainly more excitement and nonsense, just around the corner.

Thinking of trying a new sport? Want to come along and help us work out how McGoogs snaked his way into his new role? Our All-Comers sessions run on Tuesdays, 8-9.30pm, at Manchester Academy School, M14 4PX. We hope to see you there soon!