Saving the Bees? Challenge Accepted: Southport 10km, 2 July 2017

On 2 July 2017, Honey Bee Alexandra Charlton and Worker Bee Sam Wrench (and potentially a couple of ‘late-runners’, currently TBC!) will be participating in the Southport 10km run, in order to raise money for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

The challenge poses a big task for both Alex and Sam, neither of whom have completed the distance before. Lets hope they think bee, and fly through the course!

Manchester Bees Dodgeball's very own Alex & Sam have been training (and not panicking at all) for July's 10k run
Manchester Bees Dodgeball’s very own Alex & Sam have been training (and not panicking at all) for July’s 10k

The humble bee is a symbol of Manchester, representing the city’s history as a hive of activity during the industrial revolution. Manchester Bees Dodgeball and its members have grown quite attached to bees over the years, as has the city as a whole.

Earning their Keep

The bees’ importance isn’t limited to their symbolism in the North. Bumblebees are a vital part of the UK’s nature scene. As well as being adorable, (sort of) physics-defying, wonderful bumbling creatures, they actually contribute an awful lot towards the country’s nature and agriculture.

In the BCT’s own words, “it is well-known that bumblebees are great pollinators, and therefore have a key role in producing much of the food that we eat. Through the pollination of many commercial crops such as tomatoes, peas, apples and strawberries, insects are estimated to contribute over £400 million per annum to the UK economy and €14.2 billion per annum to the EU economy.”

You can find out more about bumblebees and the BCT’s efforts to save them, on the Trust’s website.

Honey Alice and Killer Ross pose alongside Manchester Bees' very own Bumble the Bee
Honey Alice and Killer Ross show their affection towards Manchester Bees’ very own Bumble the Bee

We at Manchester Bees Dodgeball would like to keep the bumblebee around. And you can help!

If you are able to, please consider donating towards the fundraising efforts of our runners, all proceeds of which will go to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

To keep up to date with our runners’ progress (or lack thereof..!) on the day, you can like our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you – and wish us luck, we may well need it!

#SaveTheBees #JustKeepRunning #BuzzBuzzBees


On the 21 May, the Manchester Bees are hosting the Manchester Cup!

With a number of men’s games and junior games (run through the Mr Dodgeball’s Junior Bees division) the event will be a perfect opportunity to see the sport in action!



12:40  – MEN’S GAME ONE

Manchester Soldier Bees v MMU


Mr Dodgeball 1 vs Mr Dodgeball 2

13:30 – MEN’S GAME TWO

Manchester Worker Bees Vs Ultimate Dodge


Hit the Mascot competition

Bumble the Bee is ready to get dodgin'!
Bumble the Bee is ready to get dodgin’!


Altrincham vs Manchester Soldier Bees


Mr Dodgeball 1 vs Mr Dodgeball 2


Altrincham vs MMU


Winners’ Presentation


With music, live commentary and a raffle, this event will be a great day out for those of all ages.

Fancy having a go at an alternative sport in Manchester? Thinking of giving dodgeball a go? Come along and meet the Bees and see what the sport is all about! Entry will be £2 per person (for over 16s) and free for children, for the whole day. All proceeds will be donated to the club’s two supported charities; the Christie and the Bees Conservation Trust!

We hope to see you there!

The Nick Pinnock Triple Header – Watch and Learn!

Intrigued about dodgeball and looking for somewhere to unleash your competitive edge, but not sure that dodgeball is for you? Come along to the Nick Pinnock Triple Header and see just how competitive dodgeball can be, with three matches featuring six incredible teams.

On 4 February 2017 from 4pm, Manchester will host three Men’s Nick Pinnock Cup Round 1 dodgeball matches, showcasing the incredible sport.

If that’s not enough for you, the tournament will be played under the UKDBA’s new 5-ball rules, upping the tempo and the tension from the usual 3-ball rules, currently played in this season’s UKDBA League and Tournaments.

The Fixtures

16:30 – Lancaster University 2 Vs. MUDS (Manchester University Dodgeball Society)

17:15 – Nottingham Sheriffs vs. Manchester Worker Bees

18:15 – Manchester Killer Bees vs. Lancaster University 1

The Extras

Dodgeball won’t be the only thing to draw your attention – we’ll also have music, a raffle and live commentary talking you through all the excitement!

With matches to watch and plenty of players and coaches around to speak to about giving the sport a try, it’s the perfect place to go and check out what the sport’s all about!

The King of Dodgeball

The Cup is in honour of a founder of the UK Dodgeball Association (UKDBA) and dear friend of the Manchester Bees, Nick Pinnock. As Director of Adult Competitions, Nick transformed the adult dodgeball community in the UK, overseeing the introduction of the Dodgeball Premier League (DPL) and National Leagues, as well as both the British and European Championships. The Nick Pinnock Cup debuts this year and will be held annually in memory of the outstanding contribution Nick made to the sport.

Queen Bee Helena ready to line ref alongside the late great Nick Pinnock
Queen Bee Helena ready to line ref alongside the late great Nick Pinnock

Fancy coming along to the Triple Header to check out the buzz? The tournament will run from 4pm on Saturday 4 February 2017 at Manchester Academy School, M14 4PX. Find out more on our Facebook Event page and let us know you’ll be there!