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Cat Bawtree on Joining Manchester Bees Dodgeball Club

NewBee Cat Bawtree describes her move from London to a new city and what it is like to join a friendly and vibrant alternative sports club in Manchester: The Manchester Bees Dodgeball Club.

Cat Bawtree DodgeballHaving started playing dodgeball just under 2 seasons ago, I was very keen to continue playing when I moved north from London. Off the back of a bit of research and various recommendations, it seemed Bees was the go-to destination so I thought I’d give it a go, despite being 30 miles from where I’m living!

My first session was on the day I moved, in an attempt to make friends early on in my time up north. When I entered the hall, I was immediately greeted by a few of the girls and actively included in everything, ideal to calm my nerves!

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One of the first things I noticed was that the structure of the Bees sessions put everyone on a level pegging – I had no idea who was a fellow newbee and who was an old hand, everyone was doing the same thing as a group, and I loved it.

The fitness and conditioning portions of the sessions usually involve being in a pair or group so you never feel left out. The exercises are varied so don’t feel tedious (even if they are a little tiring..!). The sessions then evolve into game play, always with a clear focus and feedback throughout – excellent for development.

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For the first tournament of this season, the teams were mixed ability to warm everyone up into the season. The support and encouragement from the other Bees teams during the day was unbelievable, even inter-team in the plate final between the Honey and Queen bees!

Manchester Bees Dodgeball Support Supporters Tournament

Having been a bee for less than a month, I now entirely understand every recommendation I received and can’t wait to keep playing with this lovely bunch!

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