Bees’ Hopes and Fears for the New Season

It’s fair to say that, despite being called ‘off-season’, many Bees just don’t feel right putting their feet up over summer. And what with a summer fitness plan, summer sessions at Sugden and #BeesTour2017, dodgeball has been kept happily close to hand. Now, as the spirit of summer draws to a close with a typically Mancunian downpour (or twelve) it seems a good time to cast an eye towards some of the hopes (and fears) for the upcoming season.


With a spark in their eye and a bounce in their dodge, NewBees have swarmed to our Sugden summer sessions recently and jumped straight in! We’re looking forward to seeing lots of fresh faces getting involved in all aspects of the club, and who got off to a brilliant start at the New Season Open last weekend.

Bees, new and old, making their 2017/18 Season Debut at last weekend's New Season Open
Bees, new and old, making their 2017/18 Season Debut at last weekend’s New Season Open


The stage is set for our teams to show their Super League divisions what they’re made of in what will seem like no time at all. The Queen Bees are ready to capitalise their league-topping form, while the Killers look to build on their strong performance last season, fitness sessions and all! Our Worker and Honey Bees players have all been working hard during our summer sessions too and it will be great to see the fruit of their labours on court soon, focussing on the development of the teams’ enthusiastic players.


Like bright beacons signalling some wonderful joyous respite to reward our hard graft and fitnesss drives, many a’social are in the works, courtesy of the legendary social-planning, banterful Flan and Barks. To start us off this season and heralding a fresh season of social frolics, a delightful evening awaits us all after our impending new season Training Camp this weekend. We can’t wait!

Is there a better duo than the incredible pair that are E & E? (The answer is 'No.')
Is there a better duo than the incredible pair that are E & E? (The answer is ‘No.’)


Tragically injury cut a grim swathe through the Worker Bees last season, allowing a whole division to breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately due to a “really enjoyable” shoulder rehabilitation programme embedded over summer, this will (probably) not happen again. When recuperating, victorious, after a hard day on the dodgeball court, spare a thought for the benefit of whatever those stretchy exercise-band-things are actually called.


The primal fear that never exactly goes away, particularly depending on which Bee is facing you across the court during training (We would usually look at Kearns at this point, But we’re too busy guarding our faces in fear). Channel this fear into every agile dodge during sessions and you’ll find yourself dodging dodgeballs as easily as mundane adult responsibilities. Congrats, you’re a pro.

France's Gremion stands firm against Kearns' best efforts...
France’s Gremion stands firm against Kearns’ best efforts…

Alex Jones – Like King Agamemnon himself, we can but pray for the demeanour of the sporting Achilles that will compete alongside us on the dodgeball court when the time comes.

Fancy your chances? We’re a great bunch, really we are (and we promise we won’t let Kearns throw at your face…) Come along to one of our All-Comers’ sessions, Tuesdays from 8-9.30 at Manchester Academy School, M14 4PX, and give it (and us) a go!